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“Comment to this post with “I love libraries!” and I will give you seven topics I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list to your own blog with your commentary.”

Zombres gave me:

Greek mythology!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan!
Gay rights!
Formative Film Experiences!

Greek mythology:

One of my first loves. The first book I can really remember reading is D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths— the illustrations were just gorgeous and the stories had me hooked. Then I kindof got to rediscover everything all over again as I got older and realized, “Wow, there are a lot of rapist douchebags in these stories”. I will also grumble about Hades not being a bad guy in the stories to anyone within earshot when something like Clash of the Titans or Hercules or … well, 3/4 of Greek Mythology movies come on.


One of my latest loves. ;) I really started getting into it at an anime convention Ashley took me to last year; they had several steampunk booths in the vending area and I was immediately addicted. I’ve combined my first and latest loves and am working on a steampunk novel about the Greek Gods and Goddessess. One of my main concerns with it is that I’ll accidentally do the literary equivalent of the “stick a gear on it and call it steampunk” thing that seems to be a constant grumble in the craft circles. So research research research.


I do not care if they’re one of the major standbys/cliches/tropes/what have you of the horror genre, I adore them. In the same way I adore haunted houses and vampires (okay, aside from the Twilight version)— they’re timeless, and so much can be done with the idea. Possibilities everywhere! The ones who can control when they change and the ones who can’t; the ones who keep some shred of their humanity after they turn and those who don’t; full-out wolf or some combination of the human and the animal; gimme them all.


My bread and butter, and I’m constantly finding new ones. Just today I read one of goddamnhella’s fics, which was Tony/Loki/Pepper, and HNGH. I just love the character interaction potential, and OT3 stories tend to have more than their fair share of snark, and I’m big on my snark. That type of romance is starting to show up more and more in my novels, too, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. Though I cannot seem to figure out whether the endgame in the Greek Steampunk novel might be Aphrodite/Dionysus/Ariadne, or Aphrodite/Dionysus/Hephaestus, and I have the sinking feeling that “hey, why not three?” is going to quickly turn into “hey, why not four?” My brain is clearly not going to be satisfied until I write a novel called “First There was Drama but then Everyone had an Orgy”.

((OT3s I love can also be platonic: see zombres’s Weird USA, with Charlie, Olivia, and Ben. There are some characters who are great on their own, fantastic playing off of one other person, but get the three of them together and everyone just SHINES.))

Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

So I have a feeling it would be cheating if I just keysmashed for this entire entry. ;) I first saw him on Supernatural (wish I could still see him there on occasion, AHEM WRITERS) and then in P.S. I Love You. By this time I was in fangirly enough mode that I went ahead and looked up some pictures online, and also found some interviews. He rescued and bottle-fed a two-day old puppy. He saw a guy beating his girlfriend and ACTUALLY INTERFERED instead of doing the whole ‘eh, it’s not my business’ thing that’s so horrifically widespread. He seems to be a genuinely good guy, and see above: keysmash-levels of attractiveness. I’ll basically watch anything he’s in (except Grey’s Anatomy. That I just cannot do. Sorry!)

Gay rights:

Should not be any different than ‘straight rights’. That seems absolutely obvious to me now, but it didn’t always. I grew up (and still live) in the middle of the Bible Belt, and “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” is still considered witty commentary in way too many places here. The “I don’t really care one way or another because nothing they do hurts me, but— ew. I just don’t get it” is really one of the better attitudes I’ve found. ((don’t even get me started on ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ bullshit)) It wasn’t anything that really crossed my mind for a long time, and then during stage setup for one of our plays, a friend of mine put on the soundtrack to RENT. And it was literally like nothing I’d ever heard, told from the pov of people whom I’d always heard spoken about in sneering tones, if they were spoken about at all. I remember thinking, “okay, if I’m wrong about that, what else am I wrong about?” And thus a conservative became a liberal. :)

Formative Film Experiences:

Stand By Me— LOVE ETERNAL. The first Stephen King movie I ever saw. It came out when I was five (yes, I am an Old Lady of Thirty) and I think I saw it about three/four years later. Can still quote it in full, and it remains the movie with the absolute best film-dialogue-to-ending-song transition ever for me.

FernGully— my love of faeries, OT3s, animation, and extraordinarily bright colors can all probably be traced back to this film. First soundtrack I ever bought.

Labyrinth— Given the aforementioned Greek Mythology love, anything about a labyrinth was immediately interesting for me. This was the movie I’d most always put on first any time I was home sick from school (other one was Muppet Christmas Carol). Also, when I first saw it I identified with Sarah so. much. Watched it again recently, thought that she was being such a brat at the beginning. Heh.

Beauty and the Beast— Favorite fairy tale! A heroine who’s a bookworm! SIGN ME UP. The animation and the music are so gorgeous.

My cousin and I also used to build enormous pillow forts on/around the couch and watch a triple feature of The Little Mermaid, Singin’ in the Rain, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang just about every weekend.

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D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths

!!!!!!!!! Also my first exposure to mythology! A friend of mine had it, and we'd stare at it for hours. For some reason, I have never purchased my own copy, which is something I really should rectify at some point, because it's one I like to go back and re-read from time to time. (And, honestly, I was so disappointed when we did our Greek Mythology unit in freshman English and there were No Pictures.)


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