Apr. 25th, 2011 08:46 pm
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Know what's not so much fun? Reading through the TV Tropes' High Octane Nightmare Fuel section and then having to run out to the van in dark, rainy weather to retrieve the diaper bag.


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Apr. 25th, 2011 08:46 pm
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Know what's not so much fun? Reading through the TV Tropes' High Octane Nightmare Fuel section and then having to run out to the van in dark, rainy weather to retrieve the diaper bag.



Jan. 12th, 2011 06:43 pm
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-- Ian looks kinda like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in his new winter coat.

-- Rented Case 39 for tonight. I'm trying to find a good creepy demon-possession type movie. Exorcism of Emily Rose was more of a courtroom drama; Last Exorcism was interesting until the last twenty minutes or so; and of course there's The Exorcist but by the time I saw it, it had been spoofed/copied in so many things that it didn't have the impact it should've. ((okay, except for the staircase scene because AUGH))

-- I have an awesome new icon. Which I will maybe stop staring at long enough to make the rest of this post. Maybe.

-- My would-be political-intrigue book is trying to turn into a polyamorous romance instead.

-- Day 5:

Not exactly an international charity, but I really like this idea-- Angel Cakes. From their website:

"Angel Cakes is a local, non-profit organization in the Boise area that creates special occasion cakes for hospice patients, underprivileged kids, children in foster care, families staying at the Ronald McDonald house and many other deserving individuals.

Volunteer bakers donate all of the ingredients, decorations and wrapping for the cakes, as well as their creativity and time."
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Am now avoiding sleep, since we just rented Paranormal Activity. lol

Seriously, that's horror movies as I tend to like them-- no big CGI monsters or people running around in costumes or little girls with long black hair, just bizarre, creepy stuff happening that's never fully explained, with more focus on atmosphere than on special effects.

Up next on the rental list: 500 Days of Summer. Just for some contrast. ;-)
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OMG. So Chris is in Kaylee's room with her tonight and I'm in our bedroom, and the baby monitor's on and I'm just about to go to sleep when I hear this laugh come over the monitor. Creepiest. Laugh. Ever.

We've picked up conversations and whatnot on this thing before, but GAH. brb, off to check the house for gremlins.

Freaking baby monitors.
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So Chris and I headed out at about 1 in the afternoon to go run some errands and whatnot. Then he drops me and Kaylee off at my parents' to visit for a while and goes to work.

Cut to 7:45 tonight. Mom drives us back to the house-- and we see the door standing wide open.

We back out of the driveway and I call the police. Two squad cars arrive in about five minutes or so, and the cops go through the house. They, fortunately, didn't find anybody. I go through it afterwards, while they're still here, to check if anything's out of place. ((as dad said, if anyone had come in, the computer would be gone)) Nothing.

Figure it must be that the door didn't quite latch and the wind blew it open, or that Chris and I did that wonderful comedy of errors where he locks the door and I unlock it a few moments later.

We thanked the cops and they left, and now the cats are wandering around the house sniffing everything. Two of them are, anyway. I know I won't see Daisy for another five or six hours yet. Thank goodness we have a screen door.

Anyway, I suppose this should reassure me, that the door was standing open for about seven hours and nobody came in. I'm still pretty sure I'm going to stay up until Chris gets home.
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Drama and horror and whatnot is all well and good, but when it's 10:30 and Chris is at work and I want to watch something that will not freak me out or depress me . . . yeah. ((this is, by the way, why I'm not currently mainlining the rest of Season 3 of Supernatural))

So I thought, well, maybe I'll read a book instead. What have I gotten recently that I haven't had a chance to read . . . oh look. A Simon Clark, a Richard Laymon, and a Supernatural novelization.

I think I'm becoming predictable.

I need to find some kind of option on that'll let me order a season of That 70s Show and get it to me within the next twenty minutes. That'd be useful.

It's at least two hours before Kaylee's going to go to sleep. She's being helpful about the movie search-- she yanks down every DVD in reach and scatters them around the room so they're easier to see. Thank you, kid. At least she's leaving the books alone. For now. . .

Maybe I'll watch Earth Girls Are Easy. Hard to get much sillier than that. :-)


Aug. 9th, 2008 09:05 pm
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Oh man do I want to see this. The chances of it not depressing the hell out of me are about .0001 and lower, but oh well.

Now I know what I do when I'm alone in the house for too long with none of my friends online-- blast music and spam LJ. I've grown unused to being completely by myself in here.

((and self, I don't care how restless you get, absolutely no going near any books or movies that could possibly be described as creepy. Do not go down that road again))
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Isn't it nice how the right movie at exactly the right time can just make the day perfect? Of course, I was already in a good mood (see entry below) and then Chris and I went to the rental store and I found out that the After Dark Horrorfest movies are out on DVD. I'd wanted to go to the Horrorfest itself, but we couldn't afford it. So we picked one up, and plan on having a marathon of creepy indie movies this Friday. *S*

The other one we picked up was The White Countess, which we just got done watching, and I'm so on cloud nine. It's a Merchant/Ivory romantic drama set in 1936 Shanghai, with Ralph Fiennes and Natasha Richardson. Normally I'm not one for romantic dramas, since they tend to have some kind of big tragic ending that leaves me depressed for the rest of the day, but my inner fangirl demanded I give this one a try. It's a little over two hours long but I wanted it to be longer because I wanted to spend a bit more time with all the characters. And the costumes . . . want. Poor Chris. ;-)

Me: "I'm going to learn to sew just so I can make that dress. And look at that hat! I love it."
Chris: "You what?"
Me: "I love it; it's cute."
Chris: "It looks like someone left half an eggshell on top of her head."
Me: "This is me blissfully ignoring you. After the movie we should go hat shopping."
Chris: "Ohh boy."

And now, time to wait for LOST.
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Yay for the return of LJ!

In movie news, we went to see Flushed Away last night, which was absolutely adorable. Not many movies where you can whisper to your father, "Was that cockroach reading Kafka's Metamorphosis?" ;-)

Mom said on the way out of the theater that she'd read an interview with Kate Winslet where she made a joke about her and Hugh Jackman being in something that their respective kids could actually see, for once.

Me: "What? You mean she hasn't let them see Quills yet? But that's such family-friendly entertainment!"
Mom: "Do I even want to know what you're talking about?"
Dad: "Isn't that the one about the Marquis De Sade?"
Me: "Yep."
Mom: "I blame you, dear."
Dad: "What? This isn't my influence. I took her to see Care Bears when she was a kid, remember?"
Me: "Yes, but fortunately I quickly grew out of that and went on to watch horror movies."
Mom: "Also your fault."
Dad: "I had nothing to do with this."
Me: "Oooh, you know what we need? A crossover. Care Bears horror movie."
Dad: "Leatherface Bear. With a little chainsaw on its chest."
Mom: "'Nothing to do with this' my foot. . ."
Chris: *staying wisely silent*
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Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 96%

You are a terrorist-loving, Bush-bashing, "blame America first"-crowd traitor. You are in league with evil-doers who hate our freedoms. By all counts you are a liberal, and as such cleary desire the terrorists to succeed and impose their harsh theocratic restrictions on us all. You are fit to be hung for treason! Luckily George Bush is tapping your internet connection and is now aware of your thought-crime. Have a nice day.... in Guantanamo!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

In other words, nothing we didn't already know. Hee.

I've seen a couple of people do those 'voice posts' recently . . . I've never tried that, debating on whether or not I should. Other than the fact I'd have no idea what to say.

Only one more week of LOST, and then nada until February. Eep.

Flushed Away is going to be in our theater tomorrow. We'll probably go see it.

I'm reading Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry-- it's pretty good so far. Might have to buy more of his stuff later.

I really want to go to After Dark Horrorfest, a showing of eight new scary movies, but the nearest one is going to be over an hour away, Chris works that weekend and I would get lost on the way there, and a ticket to all 8 costs $75. Darnit.

Now I'm just trying to see how many times I can change the subject in one post.

I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

(okay, I'm off to do something productive now, honest. Probably)
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I rent low-budget horror movies all the time, in the hopes that in the midst of all the bad acting and worse writing and cliche plots, I can find something better, something honestly creepy. Once in a great while, I do (example: Session 9. The setting alone is reason to rent it).

Go through the same thing with books. My dad got into his reading habit when he was a kid with sci-fi novels and comic books; mom with mystery and romance; mine with scary stories. I have several authors on my 'if they wrote it, buy it' list: Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, Simon Clark.

And I just found someone else to add to that list.

From the back cover of David Morrell's "Creepers":

"On a cold October night, five people gather in a run-down motel on the Jersey shore and prepare to break into the Paragon Hotel. The once-magnificent structure is now boarded up and marked for demolition.
They are 'creepers': urban explorers with a passion for investigating abandoned buildings and their dying secrets. Reporter Frank Balenger joins them to profile this highly illegal activity for the New York Times. But he isn't looking for just another story, and soon after they enter the rat-infested tunnel leading to the hotel, he gets more than he bargained for."

The website. (thanks to [ profile] semiotic_pirate for the link)

I had to pick this up, of course. I've always had a fascination with abandoned buildings . . . my friends and I made our way into an empty silo one Halloween, a jaunt which ended when we discovered some rats trying to get a closer look at our costumes (the sight of all four of us scrambling out of there in high heels must've been really funny). I'd like to get a look inside an abandoned house someday. And an abandoned hotel? Heaven. Since that's not possible, though, I'll settle for reading about it. It's a personal goal of mine to write a horror novel centered around a hotel somehow, though I don't know how in the world I can possibly compete knowing that this one and The Shining exist. Anyway.

Once in a while, I'll find a scary novel that actually does scare me. After years of reading them, it's pretty rare. (lying awake at night and expanding on scenes in my own imagination doesn't really count) ;-) A scene that makes me look around the room I'm sitting in and fidget.

There's one of those scenes at the end of Chapter Twenty-Six. One sentence, actually, which makes it even better, because it's one of those lines that you read and you feel like you just got punched in the stomach and your brain lets out this little 'eeeeeeeeeeee' and then you read it again just to make sure it says that and yes it certainly does, and are you very, very sure that the front door did get locked?

I wonder if it's healthy to love moments like that quite so much.
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-- "Here, Steph, have a heart attack free of charge."

Was sitting here going through my friends list when I hear a car pull up outside. Thinking it's my husband or my parents, I glance out the window. Nope. White four-door car. Look out the other window to see if the occupant's on the porch-- no, standing in the driveway. Young male, dark hair, no shirt. Me-- ????

So I call Chris and give a description, and ask if it's one of his friends. He says no, and that since he's leaving work early today anyway, he'll be home in a few. The guy gets in the car and drives off then, so I tell Chris no need to hurry.

Less than five minutes later, the guy's back. He wanders the driveway again for a minute before knocking on the door. I don't answer. He walks off the porch, goes back to his car, and sits there. Then he gets back out, and starts messing with the door.

I decide that the fact that Chris is doing some home renovation is a very good thing, since it means there is a hammer right there on the table. I grab it and then stand outside my office, where I have a view of both doors.

I hear more rattling at the door, then silence, and then a car engine. I look around, nobody there-- and a letter stuffed behind the screen:

"Hey (previous owners of the house who moved out almost a year ago now),
Stopped by to tell *** to quit his job before it kills his stubborn ass. I'll take care of you guys. We'll all be millionaires in a week or two. I couldn't remember where your new house was? Anyways, much love.

Too. Much. Weird. And. Freaky.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 05:56 pm
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Got about six pages done on a new novel.

I am addicted to Milano double chocolate cookies.

I really should do a load of laundry, but instead I'm going to try to get at least six more pages done before Chris comes home from work.

The cat is being exceptionally squeaky/active. She's probably chasing a bug.

After some consideration, I've decided not to enter NaNoWriMo. As I learned in writing class in college, the moment I'm really *supposed* to be working on something, I immediately want to work on something else.

So far, being able to get the new house looks favorable. Now if someone will just buy the one we're in now so we can go through on a contingency deal. . .

I want to read a few of the scary stories that I got in a collection the other day (100 Hair-Raising Little Horror Stories), but knowing my temperament when I'm alone in the house, esp. when it's getting dark-- not the best idea.

They're showing some kind of Halloween cake-decorating contest on Food Network at 9:00. If my memory holds out for the next three hours, I may remember to watch it.

I want to see the movie Stay. I have no real idea what it's about, but Ewan McGregor is in it and that's all I need know.

I need to quit typing in here and get back to work. :-)
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Saw two movies this weekend . . . last night Chris and I met up with some other friends at the theater and saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

I honestly don't know if I'd advise other people to see it or not. LOL Part of it is the kind of stuff that I absolutely *love* in terms of scary movies-- as much as I like watching a good 'eeek, Boogeyman-under-the-bed' movie, the ones that are really freaky are the 'am I really seeing this, or am I going nuts' ones. Emily Rose had some of this ((the part where she glances over at a classmate, only to see his eyes liquefy and run down his face just about made me leap to the theatre ceiling and cling there)), but not nearly enough . . . most of it was focused on the courtroom. I dunno, I just thought that they left too many things unexplored, too many loose ends. Not to mention that some of the dialogue was Lifetime-movie level. Example--

Emily and her sisters are upstairs shrieking happily about something. Mother opens the door, all "Keep it down, please," and then she finds out that Emily just got a scholarship. Her-- "This is your dream, Emily." Me-- "Yeah, I think we can figure that out from the grinning and the previous shrieking. No more Dialogue of Cheese, thank you."

((And for the record, if I'd been on that jury I would've voted the priest guilty of negligent homicide, too. She's refusing to eat? Get her to a hospital and have them hook up an IV. Not rocket science here.))

There was a poster for RENT at the theater (whee!) and a poster for The Legend of Zorro (double whee!), so when Chris and I got home we watched the first Zorro movie, which was fun as always.

Anyway, other movie at the theater . . . March of the Penguins. Mom was wanting to see it, so she and dad and I went this afternoon.

Loved it. I spent the first part of the movie admiring the scenery and thinking things like, "Yay, they got Morgan Freeman to narrate, he brings an automatic +10 of coolness to anything he does," and then my brain went fully into OMGFUZZYBABYPENGUINSWANT mode.

Of course, since I've very recently watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Mask of Zorro, and March of the Penguins, tonight I am going to dream of demon-possessed swordfighting penguins.
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Yay for Friday! Especially Friday the 13th. Hee. We're going to a friend's graduation tonight, and then we're going to rent a whole bunch of ultra-cheesy horror movies in celebration.

In cheesy horror movie news, I caught part of something called Decoys on the Sci-Fi Channel last night. Middle of a romantic scene, and the dialogue went like this:

Boy: Your eyes are so beautiful.
Girl: Because they're looking at you.
Me: *GAG* "Okay, one of them had better turn out to be some kind of flesh-eating mutant or something, to make up for that..."
And one of them was. This is why I love the Sci-Fi Channel.

In other movie news, Mindhunters is not coming to our theater this week (instead, we get Kicking and Screaming and Monster in Law, insert second *GAG* of the post), but since we're going to be in Joplin next Friday to meet with the minister, we'll go see it then.

Expect a Post of Hyperness afterwards. ;-)


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