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Sep. 23rd, 2017 08:53 pm
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So... okay, so, I saw six apartments today, and one of them seems... like it could be so good. I really, really liked it when I was in it, and then a few hours later, I was waffling like hell and doubting whether I really liked it that much and whether I should hold out for another and whether I should feel more strongly and why am I not feeling strongly... Broker pointed out that I could be gun-shy, given what apartment-hunting got me last time. I'm trying to stay balanced about the whole thing, but I don't!!!!! know!!!!!!

Me waffling about a super nice apartment )

All that said, as I was typing this entry, a friend I had lunch with checked in to see how the showing had gone. Between her reaction to the pictures and how excited I felt telling her about the place (and realizing that actually I do have places to put all my bookcases that make sense, and I could definitely work with those tiny bedrooms by painting an accent wall)... I'm leaning much more heavily yes. I should sleep on it! We'll see!


Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:28 am
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September 29th through October 1st I’ll be at Monsterama. It’s in Atlanta, Georgia at the Marriott Alpharetta. Here’s my panel discussion schedule:

FRIDAY, SEPT. 29. 7:00 PM. “Horror and Comedy.” With Charles Rutledge.

SATURDAY, SEPT. 30. 11:00 AM. “Our Favorite Trashy Horror Novels.” With Clay Gilbert and Eddie Coulter.

SUNDAY, OCT 1. 10:00 AM. “Adventures in Publishing.” With Clay Gilbert.

The complete schedule is right HERE.

Be there!!!


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I get a respectable amount of feedback on my books. Amazon reviews, fan mail, school visits, people Tweeting that they suck, etc. What I don’t often encounter is a really in-depth chapter-by-chapter discussion.

But that’s what the Lunch Ladies Book Club podcast is all about. They have deep-dive conversations that span multiple episodes. And, hey, episodes 17, 18, and 19 cover my novel Cyclops Road!

If you’ve read the book, follow along! If you haven’t read the book, read the book and then follow along! If you don’t want to read the book, just listen to the podcast. It serves, as they say, as a Cliff’s Notes version of the novel.

Episode 17 is HERE.

Episode 18 is HERE.

And Episode 19 is HERE.


B-Fest! B-There!

Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:50 am
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It’s almost time for the second annual B-Fest, where Barnes & Noble stores across the country allow unruly YA authors to take over for a couple of hours. On Saturday, September 23rd, I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble on 2952 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta GA, 30339 starting at 2:00 PM until…I dunno, 4:00, maybe?

I’ll be reading from Stranger Things Have Happened, doing a Q&A, and signing as many books as you’re willing to thrust in front of me.  

Q: That sounds okay, I guess, but can you sweeten the deal?

A: Sure! Joining me will be Cat Scully, who will be talking about creating the maps for fantasy novels, including the bestseller Labyrinth Lost. She’ll even have maps available to sign!

For the Facebook event page, click HERE.


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A rough decision: This afternoon, I saw an apartment in my dream location. It's literally exactly where I would want an apartment to be, right down to equidistance to my favorite things in the neighborhood. It's within my budget, it's pretty light-filled, it's in the back of the building (a brownstone!), so it should be quiet. I feel like I should be ecstatic.

But the more apartments I see (so many of them utter, utter stinkers!), the more I realize 1) how important having a non-miniscule kitchen is to me, and 2) how little I want to live in the exact same apartment I've lived in since college. This is a steep fourth-floor walkup with no particular amenities, a sloping (and unpretty) floor, bad caulking and a bizarre kitchen (there's a ledge acting as an island that divides it from the living-room area). Plus, no pets. I just have Betta Barnes right now, but I'm really sad any time I think of not having the opportunity to get a dog without moving.

I pretty much have a week to find a place I really like if (and this is still an "if") I plan on going to North Carolina to dogsit Gus while Dad and J are in Thailand. I have to give my management company 30 days' notice that I'm leaving, and honestly, my broker explained today that the most danger I'm in (if that ) is losing my security deposit (which obviously I don't want to lose, but it's also kind of ceased being real money in my head, since it's been out of my hands for three years???).

So, this is my big stress right now. Presumably any place I could sign on for would ask for an Oct. 1 move-in date, which will mean 1) paying rent on two places at once, but 2) the opportunity for a staggered, gradual move. I'm trying to focus on this for the moment, because more immediately, some condensation from a glass of iced tea dripped into my trackpad on Friday, and my laptop has been almost unusably haunted since. (Please let it go away, I don't want to have to buy a new computer too, especially since I don't like any of the new Macs and I'm locked into the dumb system.)

Okay, going to hit post. Hi, friends. I would love to be someplace new already!!!!
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Nothing clarifies one's determination to move out, even if the space and the neighborhood are nice (well, certainly the neighborhood), like spotting Violent Neighbor's husband lingering on the sidewalk in front of the building, talking in a hangdog way with someone clearly blocking the main entrance. I spent 45 minutes sitting on a park bench rather than chance running that particular gauntlet. And weirdly, no one should have to live being scared of that, even if nothing was happening!!! So this evening I've been on the phone and corresponding with varying brokers and agents about no-fee one-bedrooms that are vastly out of my comfort zone financially but which score well on RentLogic, look nice on the inside, have some amenities (a dishwasher!!! A FEW IN-UNIT W/Ds!!!!) and seem to be in interesting neighborhoods. My weekend is quickly getting silly, but shoot, it will definitely be worth it.

In other news, I finally remembered today that when one has an ongoing low-grade cold that doesn't go away with sleep or soup, you can actually just buy cold medicine and it will help a lot.


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