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The ability to wiggle my nose and have my house become spotless.

((why yes, a part of me has always envied Samantha from Bewitched))
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I would figure that it'd be useless to even try and wake him, because if the feeling of the plane plummeting to the ground and the sound of a bunch of passengers screaming in panic (including me) hadn't already woken him up, then he's the hardest sleeper in the entire world.
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Well, I could go into a whole long thing about invasion of privacy, not doing something to someone else if I wouldn't want it done to me, etc. but I think I'll just stick with:

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It's not my fault I was bullied. I didn't 'draw her attention' by being 'odd'. And no, bringing her into the room so we could get things settled was not a good idea.
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Being buried alive. And oh hell no.
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I do, yeah. I find all that kind of stuff interesting partly because I have no exes-- Chris is the first guy I dated. So he's coming at relationships from a different angle than I am. Doesn't make me jealous; I love him and the people he dated before me are a part of his story.
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Supernatural, because that seems like such a fun set to be on (also, Metallicar). I think I'd want to play a role like Pam the psychic; she was so much fun.

Though a guest spot as victim-of-the-week on Criminal Minds would be cool, too, simply because I love all the makeup/special effects stuff. Yes, a little part of me still wants to be Tom Savini when I grow up. :-)
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Not a single one, because (say it with me, now!) banning books is wrong.

As for subjects inappropriate for teenagers . . . I don't think there's any inappropriate subject on a general level. When it gets down to individuals, then more refined decisions can be made. Since I'm not sure that makes a ton of sense, an example: say Kaylee got to be 15 or so and really wanted to read It, but I know she's had a phobia of clowns for years. I'm going to warn her that going for that book might not be a great idea. But I'm not going to throw a hissy if I see a copy in the school library.

Likewise, if another parent doesn't want their kid reading certain material, that's largely something for that family to discuss. Depending on the book/circumstances, I might not agree, but hey, the kid'll be 18 soon enough. The parents want to whine about how a book should be banned because of the usual 'OMG think of the children!!!' crap? Then I will get mad.

Information freely available to everyone, and if you don't want to partake, don't. But don't try to tell everybody else that we can't.
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How could I not answer this question? :-)

Book: Harry Dresden. I'm not entirely sure I would make it through the date, what with all the weird creatures/people constantly after the guy, but it sure wouldn't be boring. Plus, Chicago. *hugs hometown*

Film: Kip from The English Patient. I know the main romance of the movie was centered on a different couple, but I always loved Kip and Hana's scenes.
Bonus Nostalgia Pick: Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. I had the biggest crush on him when I was a little girl.

TV show: Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. I know Dean from Supernatural seems like a more obvious choice here (*eyeing default icon and layout*) but he's kinda in the same realm as Sawyer to me . . . love him onscreen, in real life the Sarcastic Overly-Flirty Badass thing would get old fast.
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This one was actually an easy answer, because I've filled out forms to apply to become a surrogate mother before. Apparently PPD is something the agencies don't want to risk having to deal with though, so . . . *shrug* Que sera sera and all that.
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Hm. Well, I like where I am now, so if we go with the whole butterfly-effect "changing one thing that was bad could prevent something good later on" theory, I'd have to say nothing.

But in the spirit of the question:

1) No, you are not an ugly, unlovable, no-talent moron. Cut that crap out.

2) Your parents are going to be there for you when some people you consider friends won't be. Also, specifically to my 15-year-old self: they are putting up with far more from you than they should have to.

3) Do not wait weeks and weeks to talk to somebody about the PPD. Antidepressants are your friend.

4) And finally-- he is an ass. No, really. Pure, 100%, Grade A ass. Focus elsewhere.

Still alive

Jul. 7th, 2009 09:23 pm
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Just busy categorizing recipes, going through my books, organizing story notes, getting ready to paint the upstairs office, and trying to keep an eye on Kaylee, who is now tall enough to reach the top of my desk. Eeek.

And because I really did intend to start answering these but instead keep forgetting because my brain won't keep information around for longer than 3.8 seconds:

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Basically, my Yahoo sidebar in my mailbox alerts me to anything really huge going on, and reading my LJ friendslist also keeps me in the know. Slacktivist and Leonard Pitts Jr. articles are my newspaper-type sources, though I read them both online, too. ;-) TV news is not allowed in our house.
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I see a lot more of these than I used to, because Kaylee's discovered and loves watching me scroll through the pictures. :-)

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It's from a song in the musical The Boy From Oz that I really loved, and one verse in particular seemed appropriate for me as a writer:

"Everywhere I go
I'm followed by a lot of people
Such a lot of people
It's almost a parade
And if you could see all the people
They're everyone I ever was
And everyone I ever will be
All the lives of me"

It just came to represent me and my characters, so when I got a livejournal and needed to choose a username it just fit.
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Ohhhhh boy. *ahem*

Well, I'd like to see Don't Ask Don't Tell done away with. I want that stupid "oh, it's okay if you don't want to do your jobs, medical personnel! We understand!" law abolished. The Global Gag Rule? Out of here. Guantanamo Bay? Closed. (There were/are ways to deal with dangerous people in wartime. That was not it.)

I'm sure there are other things; my brain's too fuzzy to think of them just yet. But as long as I'm working up a wish list, how about the ERA finally getting ratified? That'd be nice.
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Okay, those of you who know me know I couldn't resist this one. ;-)

I have been generally obsessed all my life with paranormal/supernatural stuff. I've got tons of books on ghost stories, horror novels that fill up a bookshelf, and when I had a good working tape recorder heading out to the cemetery to try for voice recordings was a pretty common thing.

Only caught something on tape once. My friend Ashley and I left the recorder near a headstone at night and drove away for a little while. We came back, drove back to her house and rewound the tape. About ten minutes in there's a little scratchy voice whispering, "Hurry!"

When I was sixteen or so, my friend Christy and I were doing the usual "Hey, let's play with the Ouija board!" thing (we had to do it at her house, my father refused to let one of those things into ours). Did the room up like we were auditioning for roles in The Craft, all the lights off, door closed, just three candles providing light. We started to ask questions-- and one candle, then the second, then the third, went out. We made a couple of nervous jokes, lit the candles again, and it happened a second time. At this point, we decided that heading to the well-lit kitchen quickly would be a great idea.

But the weirdest thing happened at another friend's house. Her brother had passed away a few years ago, and she was using his old room and several of his old things. We were listening to the radio up in her room, and then she turned it off and we went downstairs to the kitchen to get some lunch. Several moments later rock music blared from upstairs. I jumped; she smiled and said, "Oh, that's just Tim saying hi." We went back to her room-- radio was on again, the volume turned up and the station changed to her brother's old favorite. We were the only ones in the house.
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Hm. I can never keep track of release dates, but I know that the two movies I'm looking forward to that are coming out soon are Defiance and Watchmen.

As for what I wouldn't go see even if someone paid me: Bride Wars. Ugh.
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Not entirely sure. "On an emotional level" seems to me to imply some kind of actual contact between two people instead of just watching their work.

I'll always wonder what else River Phoenix would've done. I was pretty young when he died and at the time I hadn't seen most of his work; I just remember thinking, "Wait, the kid from Stand By Me? No. Somebody's made a mistake."

I've been a fan of Heath Ledger for several years-- hearing that he died was a big shock, and seeing the media cheerfully latch onto all the sordid possibilities about "no no no, maybe it wasn't an accident; I bet he killed himself!! Or maybe he was actually partying with twenty underaged hookers and they were all doing cocaine!!" pissed me off because . . . well, insert my many issues with the mainstream media here.

But I mean, I'll watch a movie of theirs and feel sad because I won't get to see any new work. They're not constantly on my mind, and I don't grieve for them the way I would for a family member; the way I'm sure their family members grieve for them. I don't know.
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Would it be too much like wish fulfillment to say, "talking loudly and being obnoxious in movie theaters"? ;-)

Also, baby ocelot!!!! I'll be over here making high-pitched noises because OMG CUTE.

New idea

Dec. 4th, 2008 12:55 pm
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Say it with me now: Firefly.

I miss shows like Quantum Leap, too (do not get me started on that ending. Ffffft.) but at least they had endings. Had a good run and got to tell a bunch of stories. Firefly barely got started, and there was so much potential there.

Yes, the movie, but it's far from the same thing. I would've much preferred another season or two (or eight. Not that I'm greedy).

Also, since my brain's been wonking out on me and I've had sporadic updates lately, I think I'm going to try and answer these little LJ-writer's-block prompts every day for a week, and see how that goes.


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