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Look at this neat feature on the Adagio Teas site! I'm so very tempted to create a blend for each one of my novels (Pale Moon would totally have the blood orange flavor in it somewhere. Because there are vampires. And because I am that much of a dork). Now to get past my newbie-ness so I have some idea of what teas would taste good together.

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Look at this neat feature on the Adagio Teas site! I'm so very tempted to create a blend for each one of my novels (Pale Moon would totally have the blood orange flavor in it somewhere. Because there are vampires. And because I am that much of a dork). Now to get past my newbie-ness so I have some idea of what teas would taste good together.
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Found a little sandwich press for sale at a flea market for seven dollars. The kids really like s'mores sandwiches.

((later I will experiment with healthy food. But first I had to put a giant marshmallow in there))

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Found a little sandwich press for sale at a flea market for seven dollars. The kids really like s'mores sandwiches.

((later I will experiment with healthy food. But first I had to put a giant marshmallow in there))
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Those things are so addictive. Or maybe I'm just weird. :-)

So now you get to be subjected to my random babbling! Aren't you lucky.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to finish up my first draft of Redemption, so that is awesome. We went and bought some lumber today to finish up the garage (yay tax return!) And then I worked on the checkbook and realized that I switched two numbers and we actually have 15 dollars until payday, not 115. (boo math skills!)

You can tell it's spring, because the ants are trying to move back into our kitchen.

I am taking my attempt to focus on more positive things seriously. I got rid of some of my horror books that, while good, put me in a depressed mood or freaked me out in a "the entire human race sucks" way. And I'm actually starting to buy 'chick lit'. I think Ashley believed I was lost the last time we were in a bookstore together. ;-) Not that I don't still love my werewolves and zombies, but I'm going more for sarcasm/slightly dark/funny than soul-crushingly depressing.

Which of course means I have an idea for a really dark horror novella. But I figured out how to work on it-- I'm going to write scenes while on car trips, and that way there's always something distracting at the end of it, and I don't spend too much time at once immersed in that headspace. Win-win.

I think sometime soon I'm going to organize my tags better. Have a tag for each one of my novels, go through and have a bunch more specific tags rather than have 300 things lumped into 'random'.

I'm going to do one more "30 Days of" thing, I think. I do like that format; it reminds me to actually post more than once every two weeks. This theme-- cybercasting!

And now, to bed.
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Czech glass buttons.

I have no idea what craft-type thing to do with them yet, but I'm thinking maybe I should stock up about 15,000 of them for when I figure it out.


Dec. 3rd, 2010 03:09 pm
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They were $50; I found them on sale for $15. Awesome socks were $2. Admit that you're jealous. ;-)

New stuff

Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:32 am
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After yet another $100 monthly cell phone bill, we contacted our local cable company and found out that we could get a phone service through them, plus cable and internet, for cheaper than just internet + cell phone service. So we put in the call to cancel our cell phones, and we now have cable back for the first time in about 2-3 years.

Yay, Dirty Jobs. :-)

Right after we watched that, we took the channel listing and went through the add/delete feature, deleting any channels that were just dead air and all news stations.

In Kaylee stories, we were watching The Simpsons the other day (I'd only seen one or two episodes before this) and we got to one of their Halloween specials where they did a takeoff of Twilight Zone's Talky Tina episode using Krusty the clown as a psycho doll, and when he came to life and started talking Kaylee tensed and then buried her face in Chris's shoulder. We switched to a different episode. I will go ahead and take this as objective evidence that clowns and talking dolls are intrinsically creepy.
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So, got very little gas in the van; but at least we loaded up on groceries a couple of days ago thanks to our good friend the credit card. Which is nice, because payday was yesterday. And after paying bills, guess how much money we've got left?


I'm kinda tempted to spend that on lottery tickets. In the movies, it would work. . .


Jun. 17th, 2009 11:57 am
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Went across the Royal Gorge bridge. Beautiful view, even though I was hyperventilating half the time (dumb fear of heights).

Got to talk with my cousin Jenny again! She is awesome, and I got her hooked on the Dresden Files. Yays.

Kaylee got to play with her cousin Brandon, who is so completely adorable I wanted to take him home.

Went up the cog railway to the top of Pike's Peak.

One of the favorite parts of the trip: going to the Aquarium.

One of the least favorite parts: having our car motor decide it hated us and was going to die. On the Interstate. We had to rent a U-Haul truck and car dolly to get the dumb thing home. There was $500 I wasn't expecting to spend. . .

Got home and found out the cats had acquired fleas in our absence. Cue me washing everything in the house.

Saw the Friday the 13th remake last night. Wasn't half bad. (of course, my love for Jared Padalecki could be influencing my opinion)

Off to write some story notes.
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Tell me not to max out my credit card.

So. Pretty.

Also-- custom horn hair barrettes.

I need to win the lottery. In the meantime, off to go find more things to buy once I do. :-)
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Devin's coming over and bringing the two seasons of Futurama he just bought so we can have a warped-cartoon marathon. Fear my exciting social life, people. ;-)

We finally got the problems we've been having with the bill collectors sorted out . . . apparently the hospital set up a minimum payment with the wrong one of our three accounts, and so we paid toward it instead of the one that was getting close to overdue? I don't know. Ever since Kaylee was born we've been getting bill after bill from the hospital or the doctor and I've just been sending $25 off every time we get one. I told Kaylee if she doesn't stop being so expensive I'm going to return her. She seemed so worried.

Payday is next week. *happydance* I'm thinking I might have to splurge on another character portrait.

There's a new Ewan McGregor movie, Cassandra's Dream, at our rental store. Mine.

Ashley and Amanda need to come visit. Hear that, guys? Get down here so we can watch movies and get sugar-high and terrify Chris. :-)

All for now.
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Got stuff taken care of with the bank-- Chris got his paycheck, so the overdraft fees are paid off and we're in good standing with them again. As for the checks that bounced-- they might not have. They try a withdrawal, and if it doesn't go through the first time they try again. So if more money got deposited in time, it'll withdraw normally and we won't have to pay the sixty-something dollars in fees to the business. Fingers crossed.

Cheering-up was helped along greatly by the arrival of a package from yesterday. We got the DVD "Stephen Lynch: Live at the El Rey". So we invited Devin over to watch it with us-- mom asked who Lynch was, and I told her he's a comedian:

"Remember, the guy who sings Beelz?"
"We'd bring it over for you guys to watch, too, but remember how you were kindof raising your eyebrows at all the profanity in the Robin Williams Live DVD?"
"Yes. . ."
"Williams is really tame compared to this guy."

Once that DVD was done, we watched Silver Bullet, which we found in a five-dollar DVD bin. I hadn't seen it in forever (and since it was about 12:30 when we started watching it, I fell asleep halfway through . . . this getting up at 5 a.m. every weekday is really messing with my natural night-owl-ness).

The main amusement from the first half was seeing Terry O'Quinn's name in the credits.

Me: "Locke!"
Chris: "You're kidding. He's in this?"
Devin: "Who?"
Me: "You'd have to watch LOST."
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You know those days, when you open something from the bank that you think is a statement and it turns out it's an overdraft notice? Which surprises you, because you clearly have written in your register that there's still about 180 dollars in the account. And then you hunt around and you find a little pile of other things from the bank that you got this weekend but since you were really busy you thought you'd get to them on Monday and then the cats dragged them under the table and you forgot? And all three of them are overdraft notices?

So you look through your checkbook register again, and this time you spot a 'whoops' to the tune of $100? And then you really look at the overdraft notices and one of them is for an almost-two hundred dollar check and it looks like it was bounced instead of paid, and you also owe the bank over a hundred dollars now on overdraft fees?

And then you sit down and curse at yourself because you feel so damn stupid that you're amazed you even manage an involuntary function like breathing?

Yeah, I'm having one of those days.
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Talked to the refinancing people. The credit report site updates once a month, and since the bank apparently sent in the information for March's house payment after their monthly update time, we have to wait until April 7th.

What this means is, another two house payments out at the first of the month, when we were thinking three months ago that there would only be one. The good news is, we've found a probable renter. The bad news is, the bank told us when they happened a year ago that the 'late payments' were their fault-- there was a computer glitch that withdrew the money from Chris's account every time enough money was there for a house payment. But now that we're trying to refinance, all of a sudden it's our fault and we've got this on our record until a full year has gone by. Which should've been this month.

Over the past few months, my savings account has dropped from over three thousand dollars to about eight hundred. The credit card is near its limit, so I can't put much else on there, which means I'm probably going to have to go into savings further to pay for our eye exams next month. I just got a confirmation call about the book signing at the library, but I don't know how I'm going to afford getting any copies to sell there. Both vehicles are nearly out of gas and I have a half-formed plan to make use of my natural talent to forget to eat and thereby cut down on the grocery bills and my attempts to not flip the hell out are not really working.

GAH. I hate money.
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To make a long story very short, Chris and I are having some unexpected problems with the bank when it comes to refinancing the house we used to live in. The check has been delayed-- hopefully we'll get it this month, but we may not get it until March. Which means two more full house payments each month, not long after his paycheck went down due to me going onto his insurance.

We're going to use the house we used to live in as a rental, which will help with the finances, but before we can do that some things need to be fixed up. Where are we going to have to get the money to do that? The refinancing check. Yay.

And I just got the credit card statement and with publishing the book and having to buy the new computer both on there, just . . . nnnnnnnnn.

I tell myself that we're doing fine and if God forbid something really did go wrong, we have families who wouldn't let us starve on the street or anything, but I think it's the not-knowing that's getting to me right now.

It doesn't help that my stomach's felt weird all day-- just hollow, and I've eaten but that hasn't helped-- and I can't get my mind to focus on anything long enough to write. Or do anything else besides sit here uselessly and think of all the things I should be working on. My productivity level for the day = one load of laundry and an lj entry. Sad.

I think what's needed here is the movie Sabretooth. I can distract myself from the self-pitying limbo state by snickering at the special effects and staring at Josh Holloway. ;-)
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Ashley sent me some pictures that she took of me and Chris out at the lake, including a funny one with me clinging to Chris's shoulders after I obviously just about took a header. (insert joke about how you always knew I was unbalanced here) ;-)

Grandma gave me a cute card, and a check for 100 dollars. Put this together with the fact that I just got a Paypal account, and... *evil laughter* So the sequel to We Were Strangers will be published as soon as we finish with the final edit, and I'll be ordering a character portrait or a scene or *something* from Warsheep Productions just as soon as I figure out what the heck I want to order first. LOL

Mom and dad gave me the latest Robert B. Parker novel and the last 87th Precinct book. Also, The Deal, a new Christian Slater movie. They know me so well. *G*

And as a mini present to myself, I am listening to my warm-fuzzies song ("Independent Love Song" from Bed of Roses) on repeat at a very, very loud volume. Zone.

I declare this a good birthday.
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That was so. much. fun.

I took about a roll and a half of pictures (will put some up once I get them developed), and bought a bunch of stuff-- some artwork, which I won't be scanning any of, 1) copyright stuff, and 2) some of them are Christmas presents (waves to Kath and Ashley ;-)); a candle purple-glitter rose for Mom; a dragon temporary tattoo for Devin; and a little pink dish and some worry-stones from a glassblower's shop. I also bought two lip balms (Cocoa Mint and Maple Nut) from a cute little store that was handing out cards with a URL on them ( ) which I haven't checked out yet but I will.

And I was looking at these really gorgeous hairpieces that were either gold or silver with beads woven in, but they started at 35 dollars and the really long ones went up to about 150, and I was like, "Pretty, really pretty, but nnnnn."

So we went to wander around shops some more, and then we went to a jousting match, and the benches were a bit narrow and a little too high off the ground, so Chris stood behind me, and a couple of minutes after we got there I felt him put something on my head as he said, 'happy birthday'. *G* It's a gold hairpiece with purple beads; pictures of that will *definitely* be posted soon.
He has to go to St. Paul today to help finish taking out some of the concrete porch in front of the house (or rather, the foundation) but he should be back tonight. And he made me breakfast before he left. :-)

Speaking of pictures--

This is what Kath ordered from Warsheep Productions and surprised me with today. It's of two of our characters, Trader and Ki'Rana-- more information will be up on my website soon; will post the link. :-) Thanks thanks and thanks again to her (and Debi and Mary).

((ETA: The scene has been put on this new page, here.))

I am going to be so hyper for the rest of the day now. lol
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I'm feeling particularly useless today. LOL I was trying to figure out what book to edit when dad called and told me there was a TV movie based on one of Ed McBain's books on at noon, so of course I watched it . . . and then another one in the series was on right after it.

So, now late afternoon. Maybe I'll write some notes or something while I'm waiting for Kath.

I want to see Serenity, and A History of Violence. So guess which two movies are not playing at our theater. :-P Maybe they'll come in next Friday. *fingers crossed*

Dunno. Just feeling spacey. Probably need to go fix something to eat. Finished the first draft of my latest novel a couple of days ago, and I always feel kindof 'now what?' after that. Not going to go back and work on it again for a little while, because it was really dark and nasty and freaky. So, something more cheerful up next.

Found a letter from the credit card people, the one asking for photocopies of ID and whatnot so they could process our application . . . dated August 22. After they got the ID, they said, it'd take about a month to come up with an answer, so any day now. I'm checking mail religiously, because either way I want to publish Unexpected and order character portraits and go on and do bad, bad things. lol

Anyway. Food. Yeah.
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Well, the trip to Wichita was fun. And I got to freak out Ashley. Rolled down the window to the truck and said hi, and she goes, "Holy crap, you dyed your hair!!!" loudly enough to wake every neighbor within three miles. Heh.

(I am now blond, by the way. I hadn't done anything bizarre in a while, so it was time. I celebrated by singing part of "'Cause I'm a Blond" from Earth Girls are Easy in front of my parents. Bizarre quotient now fulfilled)

And yes, I will post pictures soon. :-)

I got some books in Wichita, a cool Celtic-frame mirror, and some seafoam candy. Yay for candy.

And yay for a new episode of Lost in two days!

Now, off to novel-edit...


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