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Confession time-- I have yet to see a single episode of this show. I'm debating about changing that, but I keep running into a big hurdle (well, aside from the fact that it's OMG HUGE and if I really like it I'm going to want to own it and eeeek).

((spoilers beyond the cut))

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Otherwise known as my parents' anniversary. 39 years today! :-)

Ian stayed up until midnight night before last. So last night, instead of trying to get a little more sleep, what do I do? Stay up until 2 a.m. mainlining the entire first season of The Walking Dead. I'm so smart.

Day 22's charity is Rescue Ink.

From their website:

"Rebel, originally named "Ribbons" because of his tattered, shredded ears, was found as a stray in Kentucky. The ligature marks on his legs and nose, as well as his severely infected, pus-filled ears, suggested he had been used as a "bait-dog" to train fighting dogs in a suspected dog-fighting ring. Rescue Ink swooped in and, with the aid of Animal Rescue Flights, flew Rebel home and offered him a new lease of life as the official Rescue Ink mascot.

With his scarred face and muscle-bound body, Rebel is a shining example of an animal's ability to forgive and live in the moment. He is a daily reminder of Rescue Ink's mission."
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Supernatural, because that seems like such a fun set to be on (also, Metallicar). I think I'd want to play a role like Pam the psychic; she was so much fun.

Though a guest spot as victim-of-the-week on Criminal Minds would be cool, too, simply because I love all the makeup/special effects stuff. Yes, a little part of me still wants to be Tom Savini when I grow up. :-)


Jul. 18th, 2010 05:20 pm
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The good: Bones. We're partway through the first season; just watched the episode with Adam Baldwin in it. Yay Jayne. :-) Also, I want to be Temperance Brennan when I grow up. Scouring used bookstores for the novels.

The bad: Searching LJ interests for the show so I can pick up some icons, and getting back a whole bunch of pro-anorexia communities.
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Mom and dad and I were having lunch, and talking about TV shows. Mythbusters was mentioned, and Kaylee grinned and said, "Mythbusters blow stuff up!" And then she said she wanted to "go home watch boom".

That's my girl.

New stuff

Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:32 am
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After yet another $100 monthly cell phone bill, we contacted our local cable company and found out that we could get a phone service through them, plus cable and internet, for cheaper than just internet + cell phone service. So we put in the call to cancel our cell phones, and we now have cable back for the first time in about 2-3 years.

Yay, Dirty Jobs. :-)

Right after we watched that, we took the channel listing and went through the add/delete feature, deleting any channels that were just dead air and all news stations.

In Kaylee stories, we were watching The Simpsons the other day (I'd only seen one or two episodes before this) and we got to one of their Halloween specials where they did a takeoff of Twilight Zone's Talky Tina episode using Krusty the clown as a psycho doll, and when he came to life and started talking Kaylee tensed and then buried her face in Chris's shoulder. We switched to a different episode. I will go ahead and take this as objective evidence that clowns and talking dolls are intrinsically creepy.
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[Bad username or site: @], the community where you create and cast your own TV shows, is having a free-for-all. Prompts galore to choose from!
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1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (Science fiction show, medical drama, criminal procedure, etc...)
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal!

My prompt, from [Bad username or site: @]: "A quest story involving unlikely band groupies. Fantasy elements optional."

'Optional', hah. This is me we're talking about. ;-)

Type: HBO series.

Opening Theme: "Between", by Vienna Teng

Setting: Alternate universe where Euterpe, the Muse of music, is the central deity and Sirens exist. Most Sirens are worshiped as demigods in their territories, though some aren't as in control of the local politics as they think.

Outline: Euterpe's Mark, a small opal-like stone set into the skin of the upper arm, is what signifies a Siren. This Mark can appear at any time in a person's life, though eventually-- sometimes after fifty years, sometimes after five weeks-- they fall off, and powers fade. The Marks are kept as valued mementos by their previous owners, or sometimes put into museums. Legend has it that the Mosaic, a tablet blessed by Euterpe herself, will impart youth and a Siren's powers to its owner indefinitely once it's been completed with one hundred of these former Marks. When a Siren gets evidence that the legend is real, she sends several of her subjects out to gather the Marks for her.

Arc of Season 1: Some of the other territories aren't safe in the best of times. Add in the fact that their mission is to gather what many consider holy artifacts, and that makes it worse. But someone else also believes in the Mosaic, and instead of talking his or her way into taking discarded Marks, this gatherer just kills current Sirens to steal their gift. When the timing of the kill coincides a second time with their arrival in a new territory, the group realizes it's either someone following them-- or it is one of them.


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Also, [Bad username or site: @] has created a community based around this meme, [Bad username or site: @], where you can post links to your own "show", fanmixes, short stories based on your idea, etc. and etc. Go join, we'll have fun (because I am sooooo going to flesh this out some more and do a book for it. After I, y'know, finish my eighty million other projects. . .)


Oct. 4th, 2009 10:06 pm
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Just heard the cast recording of Don't Stop Believin' (thank you, Pandora radio. And yes, I know I'm way behind).

If the show has more performances like this, then clearly I'm going to have to just buy it when it comes out on DVD and have it be my Happymaking Cotton Candy Program.


Jul. 10th, 2009 10:36 am
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Am sick. Caught it from Chris, who caught it at the 4th of July party from one of his nephews. Fortunately it seems to be one of those 24-hour things, but still. *debates spritzing Kaylee with Lysol*

Which means I've spent a lot of time over at mom and dad's watching TV; namely, the TV Guide channel as we tried to figure out if there was anything good on (answer was no) and of course they were in the middle of their nonstop Michael Jackson coverage, including something about a helicopter of press people assigned to try and get footage of his kids on their way to his funeral. I wish to thank them for making my oft-used vultures metaphor even more apt. Now, where are clouds of radioactive wasps when you need them??

I should do something useful today. And I will if I can figure out something that involves little to no movement.
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Earlier, about the only attention Kaylee would pay to the TV was when we were watching That 70s Show and the theme song came on-- she'd crawl right over to the TV, wave her arms around and squeak, and then as soon as the song was over head right back over to her toys. But now if something loud happens she'll pay attention for a few minutes, and whenever a commercial comes on with a dog or a cat, she won't take her eyes off the TV. She's really starting to take those things in, which translates into one thing:

Time to go through our movies.

Chris and I went through our shelves of movies last night and divided them into "things it's okay to watch while Kaylee is awake" and "not unless we want to traumatize her for life".

We'll be adding and taking away things soon based on how she reacts to things once she starts talking. Right now all we have to go on is whether she starts crying or something in response to what's on the TV (which so far she hasn't done). So since she can't give us many cues yet, our criteria is pretty simple: no violence, and not much language. Things like Stand By Me will be added once she's learned the "do not repeat this word" rule. ;-)

Scrubs is okay (the show rarely takes a serious turn, and for a medical show there's very little blood) while M*A*S*H is not (that one deals with some pretty heavy stuff, especially in the later seasons).

RENT is okay (some language, but not nearly as much as the stage show, and what little violence there is happens off-screen) while Man of La Mancha is not (off-screen or not, anything with a rape scene is on the To Wait list).

And after a discussion, we decided that anything with vampires and demons and whatnot would wait until she's older, even with something campy like Lost Boys, just so we can be sure of what she's able to handle/what she's interested in.

Because I'm nosy curious, for those of you who are parents, how did you handle this one? What are some things that you thought your kid would handle just fine that caused a freakout, or that you thought would cause a freakout but they just brushed it off?


Sep. 22nd, 2008 02:42 pm
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What in the everloving hell?

As if I needed any more incentive to not get cable back. Thanks for backing up my decision, idiots.
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Hiiiiii, TV Guide channel! Just wanted to let you know that when I'm over at mom and dad's channel-flipping and come upon a little career retrospective for Heath Ledger, when I pause to watch it I do not want to have to flip away twenty seconds later because you've shown the stretcher with his body bag on it. There is no need for that. I avoided news channels for days after he died because I didn't want to see it and knew they'd be showing it endlessly. Can we maybe, say, cut that shit out?

I remember being horrified when I learned that some tabloid photographer snuck in and took pictures of River Phoenix in his coffin. I wanted to kick the hell out of him (okay, still do) but at least at the time I thought there was a difference between him and the 'respectable' news channels. But not so much, is there?

Because it all ties into a ton of other problems I have with any kind of televised news, and increasingly the print news as well. I've thought about getting cable back recently, but that answer might turn out to be no. After all, I can pick up any show I want to watch on DVD.

It's just too many things.

Olympic gold medal winner referred to as 'nude pin-up swimmer'.

The rape and murder of a child referred to as a 'sex-kidnap'.

The Hilary Sexism Watch and the Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/Scary Black Dude Watch.

There's also the tiny little matter of the HHS proposal trying to excuse doctors/nurses/freaking everybody from doing their chosen jobs so long as their excuse is they don't want to help out those nasty sluts, but it's much more important to focus on Joe Biden's hair! Because that's the really important issue. Either that or Britney Spears is. Goodness knows we have to hear about everything she does, and the more scorn put into it the better.

Black people loot, but white people find. The man who held his own child captive for years so he could brutalize her in peace being cutely referred to as the “Dungeon sex dad”. Missing White Girl Syndrome. And of course, the endless closeups of people grieving. “How do you feeeeel?” That question never fails to make me wish the asker would get punched. Maybe then the other jackasses would take the hint.

Even if we do get cable back, any news channel is going to be on the 'not allowed' list while Kaylee's growing up. She doesn't need to be exposed to that.

“If it bleeds, it leads”? Not in my house.

((also, I promise I will post something cheerful next time. ;-)))
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New TV show addiction: Dexter. We're about halfway through the first season.

There are still tons of shows on the to-buy list. Should wait before getting hooked on more, I know, but it's about a snarky serial killer. What were the chances of me not checking it out?
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See, this is why I generally do not get into TV shows until they are actually on DVD. Because then I get disappointed when executives are dumbasses.

Oh well. At least I can watch The Bachelor! *eyeroll*
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Thought this one was going to get here on Friday or Saturday, but no. *S* Now the very happy owner of the sixth season of M*A*S*H, the first season of Supernatural, and Oscar and Lucinda. :-)

TV-watching time.

(and speaking of TV-watching . . . new LOST tomorrow!)
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Chris and I are probably going to stay up until 3 or so watching M*A*S*H (we just got the fourth season on DVD). Wild and crazy, that's us. ;-) What are you going to do?

The M*A*S*H marathon will have to wait until Chris gets home, though, he has to work until 10:00. In the meantime, I'll write, or go through my music collection and make some mixed CDs. Dunno yet.

We actually have a nice amount of spare money for once-- hooray Christmas presents-- and that of course means character portraits. *plots*

I should post something deep and meaningful, but instead I'm just going to squee over the fact that when I was looking through a Valentine's Day aisle, I found raspberry Hershey's Kisses. Candycandycandy.

Happy New Year, everybody. :-)
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Still alive. ;-)

Getting a lot done lately-- okay, aside from watching the first season of Scrubs, yay Christmas-- Kath and I are finishing up the last novel in the We Were Strangers trilogy, so more news on that as we get ready to publish it. :-) And I'm working on a short story to submit to Unlined. I rarely do short fiction, so hopefully it will not suck. lol

Found out today that the donut shop is closed on Monday, so I've got a three-day weekend! I plan on more typing. Or maybe watching DVDs. Depends on how deep into lazy-slug mode I get.
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My brother is hooked on Dead Like Me. He brought the first season over this weekend so we could check it out. . .

*adds yet another series to the list of Things to Buy Someday When I Have Real Disposable Income Again*


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