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Moulin Rouge: A Recap

Do not eat or drink anything while you read this.

(also, dial-up warning: lots of pics)
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I'm listening to the first CD I've burned with this computer. Hello, new addiction.

You know how loudly I can play the Coup D'Etat from Moulin Rouge now? I think my walls are shaking. Wheeeeeee
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Woke up this morning to hear the cats tearing around the room, but did not wake up fast enough to prevent one of them from racing across the couch-- and across my head in the process. Yay for a scratched face. Note to self: do not sleep on couch.

Got to work, wasn't feeling great, and my coworker was feeling even worse. This, of course, meant that it was time for a huge rush. Full of mostly good customers, thank heavens. But there were some notable exceptions:

Customer: *stares at her bag, then rolls her eyes* "You didn't put these in a box?"
Me: "Actually, I used my incredible psychic powers to realize you wanted three donuts in a box, but chose to ignore that."

Customer: "Blah blah . . . damned liberals . . . hate our country . . . no respect for good hard-working folk . . ."
Me: *throws coffeepot at customer's head, but it bounces off because his skull is just that thick*

Okay, so in reality I waited until the lines were gone and then picked up the paper to distract myself from their existence.

Which worked, because the FYI section had a little article about a new movie coming out, "Bobby", about the Robert Kennedy assassination. I'd vaguely heard about that one and already wanted to see it anyway, but they had a picture of some of the cast and there was Christian Slater. Immediate big happy grin from me.

Coworker: "Umm . . . Stephanie?"
Me: "Yeah?"
Coworker: "What's up? You're smiling."
Me: "I work customer service. I'm supposed to smile."
Coworker: "That is not a customer-smile. You're thinking about something evil, aren't you?"

Ohhh, was I ever, but not in the way she meant. ;-)

I was happy the rest of the day at work, though, seeing as I was thinking back on assorted good fandom memories.

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To sum up, I am now in complete Fluffy Nostalgia Zoning mode and I want to hear your fandom stories. Actor/actress, movie, play-- whatever, talk to me.
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It's times like these, when it's midnight and I'm blasting the finale piece from Moulin Rouge and singing along, that I'm glad we don't have any nearby neighbors. I'm also paying far too close attention to the 'children of the revolution' and 'stand your ground' lyrics and the anything's-possible-right-now beat and starting to feel all fluffy-brained and sentimental, which means I'm definitely tired.

Of course, that piece always cheers me up anyway (same with Seize the Day from Newsies. I think I'm just a sap. Or a bohemian at heart. Yeah. I like that one better), but it's different when my vision's starting to blur. A lot easier for me to get all "Whoo-hoo! CHARGE!!!!" Easier to get scared, too, which is why I hate waking up at 4 a.m. when there's nobody else in the room. Or at least nobody else that I know, the mean part of my brain says as soon as my eyes focus on all the shadows. Thought being freaked out by the dark was supposed to go away when you passed age ten. Feh. I'm hoping to avoid that by staying up so late my body goes into complete shutdown until noon.

I do love the 'stand your ground' type lyrics. I never used to do much of that. Coward through and through when it came to saying what I thought. Trying to change that, succeeding in some areas. Ticked a few people off doing it. Some of them I really don't like making mad and it's just a difference of opinion, but others it's . . . well, it's, 'if you like me then I'm doing something wrong here'.

Words are getting blurry but I don't want to go to sleep. Maybe I'll try to figure out a way to put this song on repeat instead of hitting the play button again every five minutes and twenty four seconds. Then I'll just curl up on my office floor and go to sleep because I don't think nightmares are possible when this song's playing.
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Now see, this . . . this is the perfect way to start your morning.

Behind the scenes clips: Moulin Rouge.
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Make that, listening to it on repeat for the past two and a half hours. I think it's pretty safe to say that I have no life.

(at least I've been writing while listening, if that helps any) ;-)
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If you go to this post, you can find the finale from Moulin Rouge. My favorite part, and if I could've found it on CD anywhere, I so would've played it during my wedding. ;-D

Just be glad you're not in my house right now, as I have been listening to this thing on repeat and singing along for the past half-hour. Wheeeeeeeee
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First result of messing around in Jasc Paint Shop Pro for the first time in forever. :-) Moulin Rouge header under the cut. Screencaps are from Secret Obsession.

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There was a little mini-thunderstorm earlier . . . about fifteen minutes of thunder and rain and then nothing. So I had to get offline for a little while, and what did I do with this time? Dishes? A load of laundry? No.

I watched the finale of Moulin Rouge. Three times. At the highest volume the TV would go. And sang along.

I am a sad, sad little person. ;-)

In other news, I'm almost done editing Stealing Time and its sequel, Upon Tomorrow's Dawning. And Chris tried calling the refinancing people on Friday to see what was going on, but there was no answer (we're thinking they were closed for Good Friday). Calling again day after tomorrow.

And yes, I've been fiddling with my lj content/layout again.
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New default icon. :-)

So I've got a main icon from Moulin Rouge, comment phrases from Wicked, title from The Boy From Oz. . .

Wonder what else I can customize. *G*
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Bad news-- one of the books I sent off an email query for was greeted with the general, "Sorry, no" note.
Good news-- after looking through it again after almost a year, I've realized it needs a lot of work, so probably for the best that they didn't want it.
More good news-- I haven't heard back yet from the publisher who got a query letter for a different novel and responded with a request for the full manuscript.

Bad news-- my coworker quit a little over a week ago.
Good news-- I've basically taken over her hours. Yay bigger paycheck.
Bad news-- Those hours are 4:30 a.m. until 11:00. Yawn.

Good news-- I'm listening to my Moulin Rouge soundtrack.
Bad news-- I've been doing that so much I fear I may need a twelve-step program.
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Writing block broken, people. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

((on a related note, if I mention that the Moulin Rouge soundtrack has magical healing powers, you guys'll understand, right? Hee))
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Music's always been one of the hugely important things in my life. One of the pictures framed in my parents' house is of me at about 7 or 8, holding a tape player that contained the Big Chill soundtrack, headphones on, grinning away.

I've always loved musicals-- Disney, live-action, whatever. I nearly wore out copies of FernGully and Beauty and the Beast and Newsies and The Little Mermaid and Singin' in the Rain when I was a kid.

When I was in high school and dealing with the guidance counselors, I'd go home and blast "You Don't Own Me" and remind myself that this, too, would pass.

Now, no matter what kind of a crappy mood I'm in, I can listen to "Come What May" and feel better. The beginning rhythm of it is calming enough, but then it gets to the first verse with him singing quietly and it's like the musical equivalent of a soft fuzzy blanket. And then the song moves from quiet to passionate and by the end of it I'm singing along (in fact, I am doing so even as I type this. Be glad this is not a phone post) and feeling fine.

Given all this, it's really no surprise that just about every actor I've had a crush on sings.

Scott Bakula sang quite a bit throughout Quantum Leap, and my thirteen-year old self was hooked. I like Broadway shows, but there is one main reason I watch the Tony Awards and Hugh Jackman is it. When Christian Slater sang a Sinatra song on Jay Leno, one of my friends IMd me immediately afterwards to say, "He started that and I thought, 'Stephanie's gotta be on Cloud 9 right now'", and I said, "No, I found Cloud 10".

Whenever I hear "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" on the radio I grin, because I think of Heath Ledger performing it in 10 Things I Hate About You. I love the movie My Own Country for many reasons, but when Naveen Andrews starts singing (I don't know the name of the song, it's in a language I don't know and if I tried to type out any parts of it I'm sure I'd butcher the spelling) I melt into a little puddle. Albeit a puddle with eyes so I can continue watching the movie. I rented Prince of Egypt just so I could hear Ralph Fiennes sing. And do I even have to mention all the many reasons I love Ewan McGregor?

Some people have food fetishes, some have shoe fetishes, I have a voice fetish. Flowers, they're nice; jewelry, can take it or leave it; sing to me, I'm yours. ;-)

What about you guys? Music an obsession, more of a background noise? Favorite songs and why? Favorite musical? Etc. and etc.
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Prompted by a mention of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack in one of Kath's entries, I'm now listening to it again (Zoning Level: Incredibly High).

And that reminded me-- those of you who own the Moulin Rouge DVD, on the first menu highlight "The Cutting Room" and press Enter. Press the down arrow three times to highlight "Main Menu". Then press the left arrow button, and a red windmill will appear. Press Enter to see an outtake of the scene where Ewan McGregor sings "Your Song".

I love that outtake so much-- I didn't think I could get any more evidence for why I want a time machine and body-switching capabilities so I can go play Satine, but that did it. :-)
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In honor of free accounts now having six icons instead of three, here is my new one. :-)

Chris and I stayed up until about 1 o'clock the other morning watching Moulin Rouge and trying to open all the Easter eggs on the DVD . . . what I really liked was that it was Chris's idea to watch the movie.

I've let him know that I definitely appreciate him not getting jealous about my many, many Objects of Celebrity Affection (one of these days I should write up a list...). One of my friends in high school had a crush on an actor (her boyfriend knew about this), and started watching a movie with him in it-- her boyfriend came into the room, saw who was on the screen, and turned the TV off. Which is a big illustration, to me, of how different people will put up with different things in a relationship: she stayed with him, but it would've been a breaking-up point for me.

I tested this aspect pretty early on in the relationship, and when Chris watched the movie, chuckled quietly at my zoned-out expression during Come What May, and then said, "Wish I could sing like that", I thought, "Reason #291 why I'm keeping you around".

Out of all the actors I'm a fan of, I think Ewan McGregor is the one Chris likes the most-- he's also a huge motorcycle fan and he's looking forward to getting the DVD of Long Way Round almost as much as I am. :-)

As long as I'm on the subject of my general love for EM (finding out that he's a UNICEF Ambassador basically moved him up to #1 on my list of actors I wish I could chat with), I'd like to mention the incredibly cool people at the Ewan Sisterhood, a fan group I found out about and joined a little while back. They're funny, nice, and they do things like an annual collection drive for the Children's Hospice Association of Scotland, which is a great thing to participate in.

And before I go completely fangirl, I'm going to sign off. ;-)
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Saw an article in the paper today about Brokeback Mountain, which made me happy-- I'm really looking forward to the movie, but it's another one that I know has a snowball's chance in you-know-where of playing here. So, will be waiting for rental, but in the meantime I will soak up the good critical chatter and interviews with the leads. :-)

The interview mentioned that both Gyllenhaal and Ledger were two of the final three competing for the lead in Moulin Rouge. I saw somewhere else that Catherine Zeta-Jones had tried out for Satine. Now, I haven't really seen Jake Gyllenhaal in anything, so I can't say much about him yet, but Heath Ledger is one of my "buy every movie of his" actors. Since the lead role went to another one, I can't really complain, but I would definitely love to see his and Catherine Zeta-Jones' takes on Christian and Satine.

In other news, I got woken up at about 3 a.m. this morning by Chris standing in the kitchen doorway telling me to hurry up and come to the window, because there were deer standing near the side of the house. And sure enough, there was a doe with two fawns. I love our new house. :-)
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Okay, now that I have more than five minutes at the computer... :-)

Wedding and honeymoon stuff behind the cut, since this got a little long.

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You know, I've listened to "Come What May" at least seventy ka-skillion times, and I still go into a serious zoning fit every time I hear it. I blame (thank) Ewan McGregor. He has such a great voice.

Oh, how I love my Moulin Rouge soundtrack. You want to know how much? Well, since you're still reading, I'll take that as a yes.

I chose the name for Kath's and my new novel-- Stealing Time-- from the line 'we could steal time, just for one day' from "Elephant Love Medley". And yes, I know the original song is David Bowie's "Heroes", but still.

I'm going to walk down the aisle to the end chorus of "Come What May".

Chris and I are going to dance to "Your Song" at the wedding.

I'm seriously considering also playing the "Roxanne Tango" there, just to get a few raised eyebrows. Making people wonder if I'm completely nutso is one of the little joys in life. :-)
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Have I mentioned how much I would've absolutely *loved* to play Satine?? *sigh* :-)


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