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Doll Divine

You can make dolls! Out of your characters! I will never be productive again!

For instance, here is Maia from Stealing Time as a fire spirit.

I'm totally gonna be at this for a while. Many more ((Greek Pantheon, Stealing Time, Karavan, And This is Fate)) under the cut!!

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Added five character portraits to my webpage. That is all. :-)
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Cover art by Mandy Roberts.
Link to the paperback ($15.00) is here, and the PDF file ($5.00) is here.

From now until November 15, you can get 15% off by using this coupon code: LEAF305

Working on getting it into Kindle format, too (no DRM, so you can use it on most any eBook reader).

While I was on hiatus, I also completely renovated my website; take a look!

Day 26

Sep. 17th, 2010 12:29 pm
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26. Let's talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!

I have tried to draw my characters. Results-- sooooo not pretty. So now I pay other actually talented people to draw them!

Since I refuse to pick just one character portrait, these go below the cut:

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New Book!

Jun. 24th, 2009 09:25 pm
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Available here! Cover art by the fantastic Mandy Roberts. You can see more of the art she did for this novel here.

*skips off*
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For the novel Kath and I have submitted to a contest:

Artwork by Mandy Roberts. Definitely click on this to check out the larger size; small doesn't do this one justice. I am so beyond thrilled with it, and currently trying to figure out how to make the background into a paint job for the living room. *G*

Also, shiny new icon!
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I've been busy today. And by 'busy', I mean, 'barely moved away from the computer'. Got a bunch of stuff added and rearranged on my website. Almost happy with the content; now I need to start finding little graphics to help spruce it up.

One of the things I added is a new character portrait-- Jia, from an as-yet-untitled book that Kath and I are working on. The artist is Mandy Roberts (the one who did the cover art for the last book in the WWS trilogy-- more news on that tomorrow. *s*)

Anyway, the portrait:

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And getting the final version of the cover art for the third book has quite a bit to do with that. *G*

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The artwork was done by the way-too-talented Mandy Roberts. And the novel itself is submitted to iUniverse, so I'll keep you guys posted about when it'll be available!
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Stace, by artist Stav Ofer. :-)

From this website.


Jan. 10th, 2007 01:52 pm
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Made from the We Were Strangers character art I got the other day-- just simple resized ones this time; icons with text added will be put on my webpage during the big overhaul I'm planning soon. :-)

If you'd like to use one of these, please credit the artist, Sheena Kristen Sy. Thanks!
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I swear if I had enough disposable income I'd be buying portraits every day. lol

Here's the latest batch: Finn, Stace, Simon, and Gen, from the We Were Strangers series. The artist is Sheena Kristen Sy.


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I got a 'Happy Birthday' email from Kath, and the attachment? Was a portrait of my character Ki'Rana.

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Big thank you to Kath! And Laura, I don't know you yet, but if you yourself are anything like your art, then you're awesome. :-D

And speaking of Ki'Rana and other characters from the Karavan series-- new writing project is being launched today. *evil plotting laughter* There will be a post on that soon. . .
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The Warsheep Productions website has been renovated. My favorite part so far-- 'Make Me Into Character Art'. :-)
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Yay! Now when I start talking about book cover designs or multiple-character portraits I like and reallyreally wish I could afford, I can quit babbling on like a dork about "Okay, it's a style with a bunch of different scenes on the cover, but with one major one in the middle, or just one quintessential picture of the character surrounded by other scenes with him/her" and just say-- Drew Struzan. *G*

In other news, this may be the best poll in the history of ever.
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Ended up staying awake until about 1 a.m. last night. Then I woke up to the melodic sound of the kittens trying to kill each other at eight. Fun times.

Had a generally productive morning so far. Added a few character portraits to different sections of my website.

And I also found a new writer! (thanks [ profile] sesby!)

Definitions of Feminism


On "Othering"

Who Offers the Poison Apple?

Common Fallacies


On Ann Coulter
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Because I had fun yesterday, I went to a different dollmaker this afternoon.

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Also, have a Kaylee doll.

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In honor of the fact that Kath and I are starting to work on the We Were Strangers series again, I present you with this:

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This can also honor the fact that I didn't get any actual work done yet. I swear that dollmaking site is holding me hostage. Send help. Or, failing that, send chocolate.
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This is a neat idea.

And this time I can blame [ profile] awritersfantasy for my utter lack of productivity today. ;-) Go here to make some of your own.



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We got swamped in the last hour and a half of work today. At least one carful of customers provided some amusement: two guys and a girl (the driver).

Me: *finishing taking the order* "Would you like anything else?"
Guy #1: "Yeah, I'll take a blond in blue shorts. You have one of those in there?"
Me: "Not at the moment, no."
Guy #2: "Well, a redhead'd be fine, too. A tall one." He grins. "Hey, how tall are you?"
Me: "Eheh." *ducks back inside to get the food*
((I do not flirt well. If I'm not talking to someone I know, when a guy starts flirting I'll look around to see who else he might possibly be talking to, and then I'll stammer.))
Me: *coming back to the window* "The total is ****."
Guy #1: *looking at my left hand* "Yep, a ring."
Guy #2: "Hey, just because she's married doesn't mean she can't flirt."
Girl: "I am never taking you guys anywhere again."

So that was a bit of a change in routine.

And I got a new portrait from Warsheep Productions today! I'll be putting it and its accompanying story up on my webpage soon, so I'll make another post linking to it when I'm done. Now I have to figure out who to request next. :-)

In other news . . . LOST finale tonight!!
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So much to look through. . .

ETA: I found the perfect setting/background for a picture request from my book In the Darkness Find Me . . . Debi, I never sent that one to you, did I? There's the background.

And I blame you for this new obsession of mine. Just so you know. ;-)


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