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KiraNaLisanto= yours truly
JadeLynxWS= [ profile] jadelynx

KiraNaLisanto: Don't know how much you use myspace, but I thought you'd appreciate this: Nathan Fillion's new profile.
JadeLynxWS: Cool
KiraNaLisanto: I'm debating about whether to make an idiot out of myself in the 'comments' section or not. ;-) How're you doing?
JadeLynxWS: I'm also having the same debate. How does one go about saying "I dream about you at night" without sounding like an idiot?
KiraNaLisanto: Hee!
JadeLynxWS: *g*
KiraNaLisanto: *sigh* No, self, you cannot type "Boy was I wishing that I was Evangeline Lilly yesterday" so think of something else
JadeLynxWS: *g*
KiraNaLisanto: Okay, so I posted, and as I'm sure I sounded like a huge dork, I will now scurry away back to livejournal. LOL
JadeLynxWS: Ah, that wasn't too dorky
KiraNaLisanto: Yay. lol
KiraNaLisanto: You should've seen me when I met Trey Ellett in NYC. I was standing there waiting all, "Okay, I'll say this and this and ask this question about the performance, no problem" and then he walked up to me and I squeaked, "Hi?" and held up the camera. Geeeez. ;-)
JadeLynxWS: Trey Ellett.... the name rings a bell but I can't place it
KiraNaLisanto: He played Mark in RENT for a while. I wish he would've played him in the movie, too, because I thought he did a much better job.
JadeLynxWS: There are only a handful of stars that I'd get all googlie over, but Nathan Fillion is near the top of the list *G*
KiraNaLisanto: Mmmmm-hm. :-D
JadeLynxWS: Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion are definitely up there at the top
KiraNaLisanto: Ohh, if I ever met Alan Tudyk I think I'd be bouncing around squeaking for a year. Love.
JadeLynxWS: Yeah, I was a huge fan of his before Firefly, though, so that might be why he tops my list
KiraNaLisanto: I adored him in A Knight's Tale. :-)
JadeLynxWS: I might get squeaky over Sean Maher, I'm not sure
JadeLynxWS: I'm not lusty over him like I am over Baldwin, though, and have nothing else to link him to than Firefly, so while I'd adore meeting him, I think I could maintain composure *G* I'd probably pop something to meet Gina Torres though
KiraNaLisanto: LOL Yeah, the whole 'lusty' thing does add a new level of "Oh god, I'm about to say something stupid." Chris said that he wants to be with me if I ever meet Christian Slater just so he can laugh as my "Hi, I'm a big fan of yours" comes out as, "Hi, I want to climb you like a pole".
KiraNaLisanto: I told him that if I did say that, I was going to blame him. From the afterlife. Since I'd die of embarrassment right there. (that made him laugh, too. He's so mean) LOL
JadeLynxWS: LOL, I love your husband
JadeLynxWS: That comment made Troy laugh, even *G*
KiraNaLisanto: *S*
JadeLynxWS: I wanna be present if you ever stumble upon a Lost cast grouping.
JadeLynxWS: You and more than one hotty from Lost would be just fun *G*
KiraNaLisanto: Boy, would that make for an America's Funniest Home Videos entry
JadeLynxWS: *G*
JadeLynxWS: I can just see you, "Hi, I'm... um somebody... and you are just ... ::drool:: "
KiraNaLisanto: "Meet to nice you my Stephanie is name."
JadeLynxWS: I would imagine that they must be used to it by now, but I bet it's always amusing *G*
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Wanted to check out another TV series, and our rental store doesn't exactly have much, but we did spot Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital". So we watched most of it this weekend, finishing up this morning after I got off work. Two minutes ago I get a call from Chris-- "Turn on the Sci-Fi Channel. You'll laugh."

Three guesses as to what they're running. ;-)

Ah well. Back to editing, singing along to RENT, and wishing I had a motorcycle.

*note to self: must stop watching Long Way Round, as the adventurous impulses it causes in other people will only result in accidental suicide for you*
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Incident #1:

I'm in the rental store, searching for another low-budget horror movie to either appreciate or laugh at, when I hear a girl's voice say, "Oooh! RENT!"

And then she proceeds to sing part of "No Day But Today".

Her mother: *gives her a 'what the heck' look*
I: *give her a thumbs-up*
She: *grins*

My people. :-D

Incident #2:

My husband is over at a friend's house. Said friend is about three sheets to the wind, as are most of the others there. The talk turns (as it usually does with a drunk crowd) to sex.

Girl 1: "So how many people have you slept with?"
My husband: "None. I'm a virgin."
The first girl seems to be pondering this, when--
Girl 2: "Nuh-uh! I know you. You're married."
Girl 1: "Dammit!"
My husband's friend: "There go your plans for the night!" *starts laughing, falls off his chair*

Incident #3:

My brother's stayed the night, watching some aforementioned low-budget horror movies with us. In the morning, he sees the cat stalking something in the kitchen. It turns out to be a spider. A biiiiig spider.

My brother: *runs into the kitchen, grabs an empty pizza box, throws it at the spider from a foot away-- and misses*
Me: *laughing so hard I can't see*
My brother: *also laughing, while backing away from Shelob* "Shut up!"
Me: *picks up the pizza box and smashes the spider*

We measured it once it was dead-- four inches. I've been on the lookout for relatives ever since.
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Oh my god. A video of my favorite song from RENT-- though she uses the movie version of La Vie Boheme instead of the musical one, I suppose I can forgive her because she set it to clips from LOST. :-D

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Oh my goodness. Go watch this now. LOST with music from Newsies, RENT, Rocky Horror Picture Show, LOTR. . . :-D
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So I hear a vehicle pull up in the driveway, and go to the door to see dad standing there. I open the door-- and he hands me a DVD of RENT. 2-Disc Widescreen Special Edition.


I'm still going to be typing for a few hours yet, so I'll just put on the sountrack for now, and then maybe I'll watch the movie later tonight. Getting up early for work? Who cares? There is theatre-geeking to be done! :-)
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So apparently some parents in Rhode Island are worried that their high-schoolers shouldn't go on a class trip to see RENT. They might not be able to deal with the "in-your-face glorification of homosexuality and lesbianism." (quote from Focus on the Family)

Please. I became a fan of the musical (and the Broadway version is quite a bit raunchier than the movie) when I was fourteen or fifteen. Of course, I doubt that Dobson and his ilk would look at me and see anything good, so. . .

Anyway, I could get into a huge rant about how Christianity is supposed to be about loving your neighbor and being kind to people, etc. and etc., rather than finding a new 'oh my goodness see look the gay people are everywhere eeeeeeek' target every other day, but I'd rather just post this:

Jesus Bans 'Christian' Group Focus on the Family

When the news reached Focus on the Family's Colorado Springs headquarters, stunned members were seen running into walls and bashing their foreheads with large Bibles and ramming their Toyota Corollas and Ford pickups into each other and muttering incoherent lines from "Passion of the Christ" and popping Prozac like M&M's.
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Chris took the day off of work so we could deal with cleaning (which reminds me-- I left a load of laundry in the washer. Must deal with that in a moment) and packing some more stuff and dealing with realtors/insurance people. Fun.

Now we're done for the day, and Chris is watching a James Bond movie. Goldfinger. Memorable for Odd Job (I still want that hat) and the name Pussy Galore. You know you've listened to Rent too much when she introduces herself and you say, "In person!"

I love making fun of the Bond movies; they're so utterly cheesy. But they're fun cheesy. I hear Daniel Craig's going to be the new Bond, and I don't think I've seen him in anything, so no previous impressions to go on. Wonder if they'll continue the cheesy tradition, or go with the tone of the novels-- I haven't read any yet, but I've heard that they were actually pretty dark.

So, as long as we're on the subject, who is everyone's 'actual' James Bond, and who would you like to see play him? I know for a lot of people it's Sean Connery, but I'm always going to associate Roger Moore with the role because he was the one to play it in the first Bond movie I saw. As for who I'd like to see play him-- I heard a rumor once that Ralph Fiennes was in talks, and I would've been curious to see that because that basically would've guaranteed a renovation from the "one liner, sex, gadget, bad pun, improbable escape, one liner, sex" formula.

I still want the toys, though. And I definitely wouldn't mind the cars.
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It's been a good couple of days-- went to see Rent yesterday, which was entirely too great. I walked up to the ticket counter and the lady said, "Let me guess-- Rent." I love my t-shirt. lol Mom and Chris enjoyed it, too. We might be heading out to see it again with some friends; we'll see.

Then today we went to the mall to get Christmas gifts, and I found stuff for mom, dad, Ashley, Chris, and Kelse. Kath, your present's going to come in email (though not from the source you'd think. Wheeee, now I get to be the cryptic one. Joy) ;-)

Anyway, off to read or write or watch a movie. Yay weekend.
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I have found the best thing ever. :-)

Someone made a Lost music video set to music from Rent.

Yay for the combination of fandoms.
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Okay, this is probably going to be absolutely weird and rambling, but I've thought it through and it's been a long time coming and I figured I'd put it out here.

I went to church when I was younger. Wesley United Methodist. I was too young to really understand any of it, and most of the learning was centered on, "Hey, if I can memorize this verse I get to go along on the trip to the lake." After I got older, I had no interest in going, and I was an agnostic for a while.

Then I started dating Chris, and I basically went to his (and his family's, and my family's for the most part) religion, Christianity. Started reading the Bible (still haven't gotten through it yet, though hopes are high), went to church once, etc.

But I'm really not sure that I'm cut out for this.

Read more... )
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You know, housecleaning is greatly improved by dancing around the house to music from Rent.
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Went to go see The Fog last night-- immediately afterwards, I turned to Chris and said, "Now I feel like watching the original." He did, too, so we stopped by my parents' house and picked up the DVD.

I hadn't seen the original in a while, so it was fun to sit there and say, "Oh, that's where they got that" or "yeah, they changed that *quite* a bit..."

Also, it amused me that Jamie Lee Curtis was the real-life daughter of the councilwoman character, and in the sequel the actresses weren't related (that I know of), but their characters were mother-daughter. :-)

It was neat to see Maggie Grace playing a character other than Shannon-- other than this, Lost is the only thing I've seen her in. Have also seen a few episodes of Smallville recently, so I recognized Tom Welling. Of the cast, Selma Blair was the one I've seen the most of, and she's always cool. Another person I need to cybercast sometime soon.

But what *really* made me happy was that they played an ad for Rent. I just about shrieked, and tapped Chris's arm quickly the instant I recognized the music, and a minute later he goes, "Ohhhh." lol ((I've basically memorized the soundtrack; he's heard it a couple of times))

At the end of the ad, he said, "Well, it looks like it's got pole dancing in it, so yeah, we can go see it." Me-- *SWAT*
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Eeeeeeeee, RENT trailer!

This movie is going to rule so incredibly much.
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November 11.

Rent, the movie, is going to be coming out. And I will be there. Opening day. Even if a drive to Wichita is involved. Possibly dressed up as Mimi. Front row. Trying not to sing along.

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You know what's fun? Driving around country roads, getting completely lost while searching for cemeteries, and singing along to Rent's "La Vie Boheme" (or at least I was singing along; Chris had never heard the music before so he was just giving me amused 'I'm marrying a certified weirdo' looks).


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