Jul. 8th, 2009 01:18 pm
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Guess who gets to see the show on the 25th?!?! *eeeee*

Also, there are four tickets available ($56 each) through our college-- the show's at the Tulsa, OK Performing Arts Center. If anyone's interested, email michiellec@labette.edu.


Dec. 9th, 2008 01:01 pm
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For the meme I posted the other day, asking people to give me topics outside my normal blogging routines to post about.

[livejournal.com profile] that_evening said 'sex'.

Not sure what aspect of it to talk about, so you get random babbling. Lucky you! ;-)

I don't remember how old I was when I found out exactly what was involved, but I do remember the how. I'd overheard a group of older kids talking about it, but couldn't exactly go up to them and ask them to explain. So I did the logical thing: went home and looked up the word in the encyclopedia.

My poor, poor mother. I call up to her from the basement:

"Hey, mom?"
"I'm becoming a nun!"
*sigh* "Now what are you reading?"

Skip a few years, and my cousin and I were watching a movie with my grandmother. We had to be careful doing this, because grandma has some strict standards, and if we brought in a movie that offended her then we got the whole extra-scrutiny thing every time we rented a video. It was a romantic drama-- little to no swearing, fade-to-black instead of an explicit sex scene, no violence. My cousin and I thought we were golden. Then the movie ends, and my grandmother says that it was okay, but she really didn't like the fact that the main characters had sex before they were married.

This honestly did not occur to my cousin and I as a possible problem. Skip a few more years, and there's no way I'm bringing up to grandma that I didn't exactly wait, either.

Which I suppose brings us to [livejournal.com profile] jbangelo, whose suggestion was:

"when you first met your husband and what your first impression of him was"

Funnily enough, I don't remember the first time we met. We did shows at the community college together for years-- the first one we were both involved in was Picnic when I was fifteen. I played Millie; he worked on set construction. So I know there were weekends working on the set that he was also around, but at the time he was Just Another Guy Who Hopefully Remembers Where I Put the Stupid Paintbrush.

I do remember when I realized I wanted to start dating him. A group of us headed out for a drink one night after rehearsal. One girl was depressed because the guy she was on-again off-again seeing had done something beyond stupid and hurtful. She started crying, and I honestly expected Chris to do what I'd seen guys do before, both in 'funny' movies and in real life-- treat tears like Kryptonite and quickly get out of there. Instead he helped talk her through it, and I thought, "If I was going to try a relationship, I'd want it to be with someone like him". And then I realized that what I actually meant was that I wanted to date him, at which point I freaked. Because I had no idea what the hell I was doing. ((y'know that stage in high school where you date a few people and get used to the general process? Yeah, I kindof skipped that in favor of reading and writing))

So at the next cast party, I got drunk because I figured then I would stop fretting over everything so much and just be able to flirt. Not exactly a brilliant or original strategy. :-)
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Have a present:

LOST vid, set to Defying Gravity from Wicked-- Danielle as Elphaba, Claire/Alex as Glinda, Sayid as Fiyero. 'Tis fun.

Hm. I need a Danielle icon, come to think of it. She needs to be on the show more often.


That was done by the same vidder who made this little gem:

LOST/Firefly crossover.

And this one:

LOST Musical Extravaganza

Because you haven't lived until you've seen the plane crash set to "Time Warp". ;-D
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I had no interest in The Wedding Singer movie . . . but on Broadway, with Stephen Lynch (he's insane and I like that in a person), whole 'nother story.

I'm going to have to get this soundtrack, aren't I? Yep.

Reason Number 1,329,948 why I wish I could go back to NYC.

Speaking of going places, though, mom and Chris and I are heading out this Saturday to the KC Renaissance Festival. Went last year, too-- Mom's birthday is on the 8th and mine's the 16th, so it's becoming a birthday tradition for us. :-D Pictures will be taken.

And finally, for any fellow Labyrinth geeks out there, go have a laugh.
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Today, on When Fandoms Collide:

A sum-up of Season 2 of LOST, set to the finale from the musical "Into the Woods". The ending is absolutely perfect. :-)
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And something else that happened last night-- we were sitting in the theatre listening to the before-movie music (and since it was twangy country, I was praying for a quick death. I do not need to hear another Gretchen Wilson song ever, ever, EVER again).

Then the between-songs announcer started saying something about a Broadway show, and I came out of my self-imposed near-deafness long enough to catch, "Here's Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth from Wicked, singing about their trip to the Emerald City."

They played "One Short Day". In our movie theatre. I just about shrieked. :-D
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Eee! Guess what I found on youtube.com-- the Tony Awards performance of "Defying Gravity". This was what got me hooked on Wicked. I rewound my tape of it sooooo many times, but then I lost it in the move.

::happy sigh:: I would so ignore my fear of heights to really perform this song. . .

Go watch. Now. :-)
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For anyone interested, I just updated my DeviantArt gallery with twelve icons using quotes from Wicked. Example:

(brush by tsuyogari)

Hope you like them!
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Okay, so Debi and I are having this fun discussion about musicals and singing and roles and whatnot, so I thought I'd open it up here:

If you sing (or even if you don't, we're fantasizing here so it's all fine), what musical roles would you like, and why? I'll go first:

Elphaba from Wicked: "Defying Gravity", "Loathing", "For Good", "No Good Deed", "I'm Not That Girl"-- need I go on? :-)

Lucy from Jekyll and Hyde: I want so badly to stand on stage and perform "In His Eyes". So badly.

Dulcinea from Man of La Mancha: I just adore her character so much. And the finale still gives me goosebumps.

Mimi from RENT: As if the songs weren't fun enough, I'd do it just for the opportunity to learn how to dance like that. Heh.

Your turn. :-)
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Oh man. Alexandra Mihai, who did some awesome character portraits for three Karavan characters, has just put up two pieces of Wicked fanart.


Elphaba and Fiyero

Squeeee. :-D
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New default icon. :-)

So I've got a main icon from Moulin Rouge, comment phrases from Wicked, title from The Boy From Oz. . .

Wonder what else I can customize. *G*
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Last night, after Chris got off work, he and I headed out for a quick drink.

The bar we went to was the one I'm most familiar with . . . I first went in at about fifteen, for a cast party. Didn't have a drink there until another cast party a couple of years later, and that was accidentally (someone ordered an iced tea but then got a call and had to leave before they had any of it, so one of my friends suggested I take it. What my friend did not mention was the 'Long Island' in front of the 'iced tea'. Wow, was that stuff nasty).

So Chris and I are sitting in one of the little booths, him with a rum and coke and me with an amaretto and coke (on the rare times we go up there, we generally each have one drink and then head home). And I look around and I see a group of people sitting at a table in the middle of the room, talking and laughing loudly.

And I realize, I used to be one of those people. For about six or seven years, the college theatre was my social life. After each performance, we'd go out to a bar and stay out late telling stories. I haven't been in the last two-- three?-- shows. First because I was so busy planning for the wedding, and now because . . . honestly, I don't miss it as much as I was sure I would when I was sixteen and checking the newspaper constantly for info on the next audition.

Memorizing lines, the in-jokes, the butterflies while you're waiting for your cue, heading out after rehearsal with your friends and chatting for a while. It's a lot different from now, when I go to work and then spend most of the rest of my day in one room, giving adventures to characters.

I sat there watching that laughing group, and thinking about all this, and then I realized it wasn't a cause for melancholy after all. I still love to act; that'll never change, but now I'm writing my own scripts. The people I worked with, the ones I was so sure were a huge part of my life . . . I haven't spoken to most of them in months. There are actual friendships and situational ones, and once I took myself out of the theatre 'situation', I finally started to understand that.
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Just got off the phone with one of the workers at the college library-- the staff there want me to come in sometime in April to give a local-author presentation.

I agreed (of course) but I'm already getting butterflies. It's weird; I shouldn't get nervous about speaking to a room full of people. And I'm not, really, when I'm in a show and reading someone else's words. But when they're my own, I get jittery.

Things to do:

1) Find out if this is more of a 'chat with a local author' thing or a book signing or both
2) If the latter, get some more copies of Unexpected to sell
3) Pick a section from Unexpected to read
4) Check and see if anyone on eBay is selling confidence yet
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Listening to my The Boy From Oz soundtrack. . .

There's a song on it called "The Lives of Me". I love the lyrics-- especially this verse, which, to me, represents perfectly life as a writer:

Everywhere I go, I'm followed by a lot of people
Such a lot of people
It's almost a parade
And if you could see all the people--
They're everyone I ever was and everyone I ever will be
All the lives of me

So, anyone who's ever been curious as to where I got my lj name-- there's your answer. :-)
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We're doing the whole 'get paperwork together so we can get a loan and buy the new house' thing. Soooo much fun.

Going to submit the new book to iUniverse tomorrow, because that's when a 'free 15 copies of the book' promotion starts. Free stuff = joy. People actually buying the book when it comes out = extremely severe joy. Not that I'd hint or anything. :-D

Either way, right now I feel like I'm in limbo. Just sitting here waiting for something to happen and hoping that 'something' is good.

In other news, I'm on such a Titanic binge-- Chris and I were in that show together, and we were listening to the soundtrack the other day and it reminded me of how much I loved the musical, and so I actually finally started reading A Night To Remember, which I'd been telling myself I'd do ever since I bought it, months and months ago. I'm about halfway through; it's really good so far. But this all has caused me to do a search on other Titanic books at amazon.com and . . . yeah. Can we say 'filling up a shopping cart really fast'?

I do need to make a Wish List there. Maybe I'll post it, so my friends can take a peek at the contents and say, "Wow, I already knew you were weird, but this. . ." ;-)
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Okay, this is probably going to be absolutely weird and rambling, but I've thought it through and it's been a long time coming and I figured I'd put it out here.

I went to church when I was younger. Wesley United Methodist. I was too young to really understand any of it, and most of the learning was centered on, "Hey, if I can memorize this verse I get to go along on the trip to the lake." After I got older, I had no interest in going, and I was an agnostic for a while.

Then I started dating Chris, and I basically went to his (and his family's, and my family's for the most part) religion, Christianity. Started reading the Bible (still haven't gotten through it yet, though hopes are high), went to church once, etc.

But I'm really not sure that I'm cut out for this.

Read more... )
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New Walk the Line pictures!

I can't wait for that movie to come out. And not just because of my severe dorky crush on Joaquin Phoenix. ;-)

I remember when I was little Dad would sing parts of A Boy Named Sue, which would always end up with me insisting that no way was that a real song, Dad insisting it was, and the mock-argument would get going yet again.

Then when I was a teenager, one of the college plays we did was an original piece, written by the director. It was called Cuthbert, and it was about a young man facing his fears of trains and clowns to go find out some secrets about his family. Bizarre, bizarre piece of work (and I got to play a drunken clown. That was interesting. Hee). Anyway, one of the songs we played during intermission was Ring of Fire.

Don't really know too much about the romance between Johnny and June Carter Cash, but I have a feeling after I see this movie I'm going to have a new fandom/be buying a bunch of CDs. :-)
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Okay, as if finishing the Dark Tower series wasn't enough 'woah' for my evening--

Just got a call from mom. She says that the next play at the college has been decided on, a play called Who's On First-- considering the fact that Chris just took a pay cut (since I got added onto his insurance) and Kath and I are currently reworking the Karavan series, I probably won't be able to do the play . . . but for the musical next spring, they're considering either Phantom of the Opera, or Jekyll and Hyde.

Me-- *tries valiantly not to shriek and deafen my mother*

Phantom of the Opera was fun. But I love and adore Jekyll and Hyde, and hopefully I'll get a chance to play Lucy. Fingers crossed months in advance. LOL And even if not, it'll be fun to sing the music at the audition. :-D

A good day, this.


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