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-- on the list of 'shows I used to like but will no longer watch'. And what do you know, for sortof the same reasons.

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My brother is now hooked on LOST. He's been up for 29 hours now, watching our DVDs; he just started Season 2.

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*is happy about her new LOST icon* :-)

And, a jewelry link for you: Go see the pretty.
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Well, while Chris was mowing the lawn he disturbed a rabbit's nest. We found four baby rabbits (two of them would fit in my palm), one of whom was injured or traumatized or something . . . its nose was bleeding and it was holding reallyreally still. Since the vet's closed, we called mom, and she said to leave them nearby so the mother would hopefully find them and get them somewhere safer. Devin donated his jacket to the cause, and we got them all into the jacket and carefully moved them into a nearby bush, since there are owls and stray cats all over the place around here. Will check up on them tomorrow afternoon.

As for right now, off to watch LOST.


May. 17th, 2007 06:06 pm
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It is a bad, bad thing for me to be alone in the house for too long. First I sing along to my CDs while I write/netsurf. Which isn't too abnormal.

Then I start reading interesting stories out loud. Also not too bad-- I can use the excuse that I'm keeping my vocal skills up for if I ever audition for something again.

Then I start quietly talking to myself. Then not-so-quietly. Then I start answering.

Although on the good side, at least my near-lifelong fear of someone breaking in while I'm home by myself is probably something I can dismiss. Because I can just imagine that scene:

Burglar: *sneaks inside, pausing when he hears--*
Me: "Now there's a Lost theory I like. And hey, someone else actually mentioned the fact that while Charlie leaving the ring in the crib was sweet, it's also a bit of a choking hazard, really, and . . . heh. I wonder if they gave a background story involving a ring to that actor on purpose. Hm. Where else do I need to check . . . ooh, more theatre news. I need to get back to NYC to see more plays sometime-- oh come on, you know you can't afford that. Especially now. And England is so very much out of the question, I know Ewan McGregor's going to be playing Iago later but the point still stands-- hey, love this song!" *sings*
Burglar: *slowly backs away*


May. 9th, 2007 09:23 pm
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The teacher was Samantha Mathis!! *loves this show even more*


Mar. 22nd, 2007 06:20 pm
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Mini-essays for two of my favorite characters:

Sayid, by zelda-zee )

Sawyer, by halfdutch )
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And Sawyer further earns my undying love by singing the "Show me the way to go home" song from Jaws. Hee


Feb. 21st, 2007 12:17 pm
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Okay, so I'm late discussing last week's episode. lol But I do have a question, and since it's definitely spoilery it's behind the cut:

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Hope everyone's having a good day!

I definitely am. Even though it is freezing in here. Upstairs office, and we only have central heat and air downstairs. It's about 14 degrees outside, so I have my space heater turned on but it's not helping a lot, but I don't care because Kath and I are brainstorming ideas and it is way, way too much fun so I'm bouncing off the walls anyway. :-D

Hm. Run-on sentences, ahoy!

Also, there is LOST tonight. *cheers*
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I love goofy LOST videos.

In other good news, I checked our local theater's homepage, and they're playing Bobby. After I died from the shock of them getting in something I want to see (*still grumbling about The Fountain, yep*) and miraculously revived, I told Chris that we're going to the movies tomorrow afternoon. :-)
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Have a present:

LOST vid, set to Defying Gravity from Wicked-- Danielle as Elphaba, Claire/Alex as Glinda, Sayid as Fiyero. 'Tis fun.

Hm. I need a Danielle icon, come to think of it. She needs to be on the show more often.


That was done by the same vidder who made this little gem:

LOST/Firefly crossover.

And this one:

LOST Musical Extravaganza

Because you haven't lived until you've seen the plane crash set to "Time Warp". ;-D
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KiraNaLisanto= yours truly
JadeLynxWS= [ profile] jadelynx

KiraNaLisanto: Don't know how much you use myspace, but I thought you'd appreciate this: Nathan Fillion's new profile.
JadeLynxWS: Cool
KiraNaLisanto: I'm debating about whether to make an idiot out of myself in the 'comments' section or not. ;-) How're you doing?
JadeLynxWS: I'm also having the same debate. How does one go about saying "I dream about you at night" without sounding like an idiot?
KiraNaLisanto: Hee!
JadeLynxWS: *g*
KiraNaLisanto: *sigh* No, self, you cannot type "Boy was I wishing that I was Evangeline Lilly yesterday" so think of something else
JadeLynxWS: *g*
KiraNaLisanto: Okay, so I posted, and as I'm sure I sounded like a huge dork, I will now scurry away back to livejournal. LOL
JadeLynxWS: Ah, that wasn't too dorky
KiraNaLisanto: Yay. lol
KiraNaLisanto: You should've seen me when I met Trey Ellett in NYC. I was standing there waiting all, "Okay, I'll say this and this and ask this question about the performance, no problem" and then he walked up to me and I squeaked, "Hi?" and held up the camera. Geeeez. ;-)
JadeLynxWS: Trey Ellett.... the name rings a bell but I can't place it
KiraNaLisanto: He played Mark in RENT for a while. I wish he would've played him in the movie, too, because I thought he did a much better job.
JadeLynxWS: There are only a handful of stars that I'd get all googlie over, but Nathan Fillion is near the top of the list *G*
KiraNaLisanto: Mmmmm-hm. :-D
JadeLynxWS: Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion are definitely up there at the top
KiraNaLisanto: Ohh, if I ever met Alan Tudyk I think I'd be bouncing around squeaking for a year. Love.
JadeLynxWS: Yeah, I was a huge fan of his before Firefly, though, so that might be why he tops my list
KiraNaLisanto: I adored him in A Knight's Tale. :-)
JadeLynxWS: I might get squeaky over Sean Maher, I'm not sure
JadeLynxWS: I'm not lusty over him like I am over Baldwin, though, and have nothing else to link him to than Firefly, so while I'd adore meeting him, I think I could maintain composure *G* I'd probably pop something to meet Gina Torres though
KiraNaLisanto: LOL Yeah, the whole 'lusty' thing does add a new level of "Oh god, I'm about to say something stupid." Chris said that he wants to be with me if I ever meet Christian Slater just so he can laugh as my "Hi, I'm a big fan of yours" comes out as, "Hi, I want to climb you like a pole".
KiraNaLisanto: I told him that if I did say that, I was going to blame him. From the afterlife. Since I'd die of embarrassment right there. (that made him laugh, too. He's so mean) LOL
JadeLynxWS: LOL, I love your husband
JadeLynxWS: That comment made Troy laugh, even *G*
KiraNaLisanto: *S*
JadeLynxWS: I wanna be present if you ever stumble upon a Lost cast grouping.
JadeLynxWS: You and more than one hotty from Lost would be just fun *G*
KiraNaLisanto: Boy, would that make for an America's Funniest Home Videos entry
JadeLynxWS: *G*
JadeLynxWS: I can just see you, "Hi, I'm... um somebody... and you are just ... ::drool:: "
KiraNaLisanto: "Meet to nice you my Stephanie is name."
JadeLynxWS: I would imagine that they must be used to it by now, but I bet it's always amusing *G*
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Chris just answered the door and talked to someone outside for a moment; I asked who it was and he said it was a lady handing out religious pamphlets. I was immediately wary, but told myself to be nice and give it a chance, so I picked it up and started reading. It began with stuff about 'do you wonder why there are religious wars, etc., why so many awful things happen in the name of religion? The problem is not faith, but false religion, people twisting the words' and going on with the 'bad tree yielding poison fruit' quote.

Me: "Hey, this might actually make some sense. They're talking about the problem not being with faith itself, but individuals misinterpreting things, etc." *reads quotes*
Chris: "Glad to hear that."

And then it went on to say that one problem with false religions was that they accepted gay and lesbian clergy members, and some even advocated same-sex marriage.

Me: "Oh for God's sake." *crumples pamphlet* "It switches to homophobia three sentences later. Where'd that lady go? I'm going to throw this at her head. Or shove it up her left nostril."
Chris: "She was in her fifties. It wouldn't be a fair fight."
Me: "Left. Nostril."
Chris: "What would the neighbors say?"
Me: "'Can we charge admission?'"
Chris: *laughs*
Me: "She's just lucky I didn't answer the door. I would've seen that crud and told her, 'Actually, I'm a lesbian atheist, but thanks for trying'."
Chris: "Hm. I think I will let you answer the door next time."
Me: "Perfect."

I probably should just throw anything like that away unread. I've told myself that not all churches are like that and I don't want to lump all of them into one category, but I've gotten too many handouts along this line (or, for added fun, ranting about how evil agnostics/atheists are. Yeah, thanks, that's going to convince me) and I'm tired of it. :-(

On the non-vexing side of life, LOST yesterday was just really hot perfect. And I know I'm not alone in wishing Nathan Fillion's character would show up on the island. I don't care how; the writers have already done 20,000 weird things, they can find an explanation.

Now, off to get some writing done.
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Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 96%

You are a terrorist-loving, Bush-bashing, "blame America first"-crowd traitor. You are in league with evil-doers who hate our freedoms. By all counts you are a liberal, and as such cleary desire the terrorists to succeed and impose their harsh theocratic restrictions on us all. You are fit to be hung for treason! Luckily George Bush is tapping your internet connection and is now aware of your thought-crime. Have a nice day.... in Guantanamo!

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

In other words, nothing we didn't already know. Hee.

I've seen a couple of people do those 'voice posts' recently . . . I've never tried that, debating on whether or not I should. Other than the fact I'd have no idea what to say.

Only one more week of LOST, and then nada until February. Eep.

Flushed Away is going to be in our theater tomorrow. We'll probably go see it.

I'm reading Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry-- it's pretty good so far. Might have to buy more of his stuff later.

I really want to go to After Dark Horrorfest, a showing of eight new scary movies, but the nearest one is going to be over an hour away, Chris works that weekend and I would get lost on the way there, and a ticket to all 8 costs $75. Darnit.

Now I'm just trying to see how many times I can change the subject in one post.

I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

(okay, I'm off to do something productive now, honest. Probably)
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LOST spoilers under the cut. Because I have to squee and flail.

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Got stuff taken care of with the bank-- Chris got his paycheck, so the overdraft fees are paid off and we're in good standing with them again. As for the checks that bounced-- they might not have. They try a withdrawal, and if it doesn't go through the first time they try again. So if more money got deposited in time, it'll withdraw normally and we won't have to pay the sixty-something dollars in fees to the business. Fingers crossed.

Cheering-up was helped along greatly by the arrival of a package from yesterday. We got the DVD "Stephen Lynch: Live at the El Rey". So we invited Devin over to watch it with us-- mom asked who Lynch was, and I told her he's a comedian:

"Remember, the guy who sings Beelz?"
"We'd bring it over for you guys to watch, too, but remember how you were kindof raising your eyebrows at all the profanity in the Robin Williams Live DVD?"
"Yes. . ."
"Williams is really tame compared to this guy."

Once that DVD was done, we watched Silver Bullet, which we found in a five-dollar DVD bin. I hadn't seen it in forever (and since it was about 12:30 when we started watching it, I fell asleep halfway through . . . this getting up at 5 a.m. every weekday is really messing with my natural night-owl-ness).

The main amusement from the first half was seeing Terry O'Quinn's name in the credits.

Me: "Locke!"
Chris: "You're kidding. He's in this?"
Devin: "Who?"
Me: "You'd have to watch LOST."


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